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When it comes to laser-cutting, Artcuts trusts Koskisen Thin Plywood 100 %

Wooden, laser-cut wreath made from thin plywood by Artcuts.

Wooden, laser-cut wreath made from thin plywood by Artcuts.

For UK-based laser-cut manufacturer Artcuts, Koskisen Thin Plywood has been the key to success. “It never breaks or chips” says Derek Cox, the owner of family-run business. Read more about how Artcuts has made their way into the hearts of their worldwide customers with their high-quality craft products.

“Koskisen Thin Plywood really adds value to us and to our customers,” says Derek Cox, the owner of Artcuts, a family-owned business based in Surrey, UK. “Koskisen Thin Birch Plywood is fantastic – it is the best on the market and I can rely on it 100 %. It never breaks or chips and because of its high-quality, I know that we can create shapes consistently to a high standard that gives us a competitive edge.”

Since 2012, Artcuts has created high-quality craft products, gifts and decorations with contemporary style. Designed in-house and produced in their workshops in Surrey, their unique laser-cut wooden shapes are now sold and loved worldwide. Their talented design team takes inspiration from simple natural shapes, keeping designs true to their original forms.

Artcuts is renowned for utilizing the very best raw material for all their product range from their wooden shapes, hand finished papers and fine fabrics and textiles. Koskisen plywood naturally fits in with their commitment to quality.

In striving for excellence, Artcuts partnered with Koskisen and developed plywood to their specification. Previously they had utilized lower grade Birch wood, which fell way short on appearance and cutting ability. “The problem with other woods is they had too many defects, knots and in-fills, which caused us problems. The shapes that we design demand the very best wood. For example, our detailed embellishments need to retain their shape and quality, regardless of how small the design is.”

Artcuts does not compete on price. “We have great quality and both my trade and retail customers love it. There is no doubt it costs a few pennies more, but from our perspective we only want to offer our customers ‘best in class’,” Derek says.

“Each month we attend craft shows with our pop-up shop. We travel throughout the UK and our customer’s love our quality and style. We sell online and it is a challenge to communicate the quality of our products. Nothing quite beats seeing and touching the beautiful wood, face-to-face with the consumer.”

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