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Thin plywood panel innovation respects birch’s natural beauty

KoskiPly eco transparent is extremely thin plywood for furniture and interior panels.

KoskiPly eco transparent is extremely thin plywood for furniture and interior panels.

Koskisen’s new KoskiPly eco transparent is a strong and durable pre-coated thin plywood made from Finnish birch. The distinctiveness of this innovative product lies in its thin structure – the plywood panel is only 5-mm thick, making it especially light and elegant. 

The panel is coated in a manner that respects the natural beauty of the birch veneer. Both sides of the panel are treated with eco-friendly ECOCOLOUR and additionally coated in a durable, transparent melamine film. This improves the properties of the surface, and at the same time, makes the panel not only smooth and durable, but also odour-free and dirt resistant. The surface treatment for the panel is available in a broad array of colours: it comes in five stocked colours, as well as a number of special bright and inspiring colours. 

KoskiPly eco transparent is a decorative product that can be used, for instance, in the manufacture of furniture, small objects and toys. “We believe this can even be used in artwork,” says Koskisen’s Specialist, R&D and Sales, Timo Eskelinen.  

The ready-to-use KoskiPly eco transparent plywood panel is easy to machine using regular wood-working machines. The product is also ideally suited to laser cutting and CNC machining. “Furniture plywood this thin has not exactly been readily available. The product is still, however, thick and strong enough that it can even be made into a table,” says Eskelinen. KoskiPly eco transparent is the ideal material for the furniture and joinery industry, for example, not to mention for wall panels. The light structure means that in addition to being easy to treat, it is light in weight, which is reflected directly, for example, in shipping costs.

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