Wood working23.05.2011

Shrink wrapping protects the products

Shrink wrapping protects products from moisture and damage.

Shrink wrapping protects products from moisture and damage.

Koskisen’s sawn timber are delivered around the world in a shrink-wrapped film.

Shrink wrapping protects the export products from moisture and damage and ensures that the end user receives flawless products. According Timo Piispanen, Product Manager with the Sawn and Processed Timber unit, Koskisen has several shrink-wrapping machines in use. The latest was purchased for the new planing line.

- We shrink wrap all products going to Australia and Germany, for example. Smaller batches and deliveries within Finland are bundled with plastic strapping and taken to the warehouse until they are delivered.

Flawless products on arrival

- Shrink wrapping is primarily meant to protect the product from getting dirty and damaged before it is actually used. Koskisen’s further processing plants and the planing mill and paint shop use several modern shrink-wrapping units, Piispanen explains.

The new shrink wrapping unit delivered by Fischer is integrated in the packaging line of the further processing plant. The line also has a second shrink-wrapping unit, which is used to wrap the incidental grades, the so-called household grade or B and C grades at the same time.

Piispanen says the shrink-wrapped packages are also convenient for consumers.

- With six or eight panels in a bundle, buying the right amount and transporting is easy.

Shrink wrapping is expanding

In Finland, shrink wrapping is traditionally used for interior panelling, but in other markets, e.g. in Australia and Germany, exterior cladding products have also long been shrink wrapped.

- I strongly believe that in future we will also move to shrink-wrapped exterior cladding products. This is especially important for primed products, which get dirty easily. It is also easy to add information concerning priming, further processing, demand or other additional information in shrink-wrapped bundles, Piispanen points out.