Wood working15.09.2010

Saris trusts in Koskisen quality

Koskisen and Saris evaluating the production of plywood.

Koskisen and Saris evaluating the production of plywood.

The Dutch company Saris Aanhangers BV has been manufacturing Saris vehicle trailers and horse trailers for all over 50 years. Saris trailers, intended for demanding private or professional use, are sturdy in structure and superbly finished.

For Koskisen Plywood Industry, Saris is an important and loyal customer. According toAnna-Maaret Roppola, the partnership between the two companies has lasted more than 13 years. But there have also been challenges along the way – Saris is a demanding customer with an excellent knowledge of plywood products.

“Our co-operation has always been very open and informal. If there is any cause for complaint as regards product quality, we join forces to find out where the problem might lie,” says Quality Manager Anna-Maaret Roppola from Koskisen.

In mid-June, Saris carried out an audit of the plywood production at Koskisen. Arno van der Stappen, Quality Manager at Saris, was particularly interested in the glueing process and quality control of KoskiFutura. Recent observations and feedback were also discussed, as well as any corrective action that might be required as a result.

“We are very happy with the co-operation between our companies. The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere at Koskisen is a plus as well,” says Jos Staal, Purchase Manager with the company, which has an annual turnover of EUR 40 million with a payroll of 80 to 125 people, depending on the season.