Wood working23.05.2011

Salosen Saha has faith in the future of wood trade

"Things look promising now. Customers have found us here in Lahti, Juha Salonen says

"Things look promising now. Customers have found us here in Lahti, Juha Salonen says.

Salosen Saha sawmill started out more than 25 years ago in the earthmoving and sawmilling businesses and is one the longest standing partners of Koskisen. In February this year, the company, known for individual products and personal services, opened a sawn timber store in Lahti.

Salosen Saha’s planing machine and band saw in Järvelä are mainly used to produce Koskisen’s small-batch products. The sawn timber on the company’s shelves is mainly supplied by Koskisen. The product range includes many different exterior and interior panels, mouldings, rough-sawn timber, floor boards and impregnated timber, including Koskisen’s new interior and exterior planed profiles, machined by Salosen Saha.

To minimise waste, the panels are generally planed to order. According to Managing Director Juha Salonen, selling Koskisen’s products is rewarding, as the quality of the sawn timber is first rate with almost no exceptions.

- Consumer feedback is the best indicator of how a product performs in use. We receive plenty of praise for Koskisen products, and hardly any complaints. From our viewpoint, too, Koskisen’s products are excellent, since it is easy to plane the dried, sorted and trimmed sawn goods.

Sights on growth

The demand for and future of Salosen Saha’s products, sold mainly to consumers, looks bright. The family company strives to double its net sales over the next couple of years.

- A few years ago we reached the level that’s reachable through sawmilling operations alone in the Kärkölä region. Being able to expand in Kärkölä seemed pretty impossible so we decided to open up a sawn goods store in Lahti. From there it will be much easier to branch out to all of Southern Finland.

After finding suitable premises, Salosen Saha launched its operations in Lahti on a tight schedule. The store employs, in addition to Juha, his partner Marjo Elomaa. His father Risto is in charge of sawmilling in Järvelä.

During the summer season the sawmill as well as the sawn timber store need a few pairs of helping hands.

Consumers and builders

- Things look promising now. Customers have found us here in Lahti, and the high season only begins now in the spring. The main end uses for our products are renovations of houses and exterior cladding, Juha explains.

He says that Salosen Saha aims to attract small and medium-sized construction companies, too. With them, the terms of trade are different. The company also plans to invest in a painting line in Järvelä.

- Construction companies’ volumes are larger, but the margins are lower. However, they need sawn timber all year round, which would bring business in winter time, too, he says.

Nevertheless, he promises not to compromise on services for consumers.

- If we don’t have a certain product in stock, we’ll make it.