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Plywood into boat seats

Coated plywood being used on seats of boats.

Coated plywood being used on seats of boats.

Plywood is an extremely durable and environmentally friendly material that suits many types of end uses. A company called Terhi from Rymättylä, Southwest Finland, utilises Koskisen’s know-how of plywood and uses Koskisen’s products in their boat seats, which sell on average 5,000 pieces annually.

The most well-known small boat manufacturer in Finland, Terhi Oy and has co-operated with Koskisen since 2006. The KoskiFutura Smooth plywood delivered for the boat seats is a birch plywood that is suited for both indoor and outdoor use and covered with a transparent plastic coating. At Terhi, the plywood is machined into boat seats that endure moisture and wear.

Koskisen’s Plywood Sales person, Harri Hanski, says that the co-operation with Terhi has gone smoothly. This is proven by the two-year additional contract that has recently been signed.

“When the price, quality and deliveries of the product are right for both parties it’s easy to continue the co-operation,” rejoices Hanski.

Unique production technology

Terhi Oy's Purchasing Manager Sami Kuivalainen describes the production materials and technology of the Terhi boats as unique:

“In the industrial production process ABS-thermoplastic is moulded into the outer and inner layer of the boat and the space between is lathered full of closed-cell, non-absorbent polyurethane foam. A product that is formed this way is impact and wear resistant, easy-care and completely unsinkable.”  

The seat, according to Kuivalainen, is an important element in a rowing boat. That is why it is carefully machined and surface treated twice before installation. Plywood is also utilised in the supporting structures of the aluminium Silver boats that Terhi bought at the end of last year. “Our plywood needs are growing, so our co-operation may well expand even more,” ponders Kuivalainen.

Going global from Rymättylä

According to Sami Kuivalainen, Terhi boats have been produced in Rymättylä municipality, which is known for its marine and boat building traditions, for as long as 38 years. 195,000 Terhi ABS boats have been delivered to seas and inland waters both in Finland and the export market.

“For years Terhi has been the market leader in the small boat segment. Our market share in the domestic market is about 30 per cent. We also invest in export and at the moment three out of ten boats exported from Finland are from Rymättylä,” says Kuivalainen and explains further that Terhi is represented in 16 different countries.

Kuivalainen describes his co-operation with Koskisen as functional. “Because this is a consumer product, the quality has to be first-class. Koskisen’s plywood is extremely homogeneous and deliveries have always worked like a dream,” assures Kuivalainen.

Storage space under the seats.

Storage space under the seats.