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New product complements birch plywood product family designed for interiors

KoskiDecor Peacock complements birch plywood selection suitable for furniture and interior design.

KoskiDecor Peacock complements birch plywood selection suitable for furniture and interior design.

Koskisen has launched a new plywood product, KoskiDecor Peacock, to complement its KoskiDecor birch plywood product family suited to furniture and interior design applications, and to respond to the globally growing demand for birch plywood for decorative uses.

The new birch plywood is an excellent option for the joinery and furniture industry and for architects and interior designers, as its properties can largely be compared to the highly popular KoskiDecor Eco Transparent birch plywood.

“The story behind the development work for KoskiDecor Peacock is the desire to offer our customers a high-quality and elegant furniture-grade plywood product that is suitable for use in furniture and other interior design applications and which has good availability and delivery reliability,” explains Koskisen’s Technical Customer Support Manager, Ville Manninen.

KoskiDecor Peacock is made with high-quality, carefully selected birch veneer, which guarantees a long-lasting premium product for use in furniture.

“Our new plywood has two sides that are suited for use as furnishings. One side is made from book-matched veneer and the other side is plank-matched veneer,” Manninen explains.

Inspiring colours bring design freedom

KoskiDecor Peacock is available in a range of RAL colours for a bold and inspired statement or to suit the Scandinavian style. Customers also have the option of purchasing panels with no coating, in which case they can treat the panel according to their needs. The entire colour range and the transparent melamine film applied to the panels leave the beautiful peeled birch veneer surface and wood grain visible, which lends a natural but striking look to furniture or walls. The impressive plywood edges also add their own special touch to the final look of the furniture.

Like other KoskiDecor plywoods, the new birch plywood product is easy to machine using various wood machining tools, such as CNC machines and saws. In addition, the melamine film on the plywood surface ensures a smooth surface that lasts a long time and which is easy to keep clean in all circumstances.

Illustrative drawing of KoskiDecor Peacock used in interior design.

Illustrative drawing of KoskiDecor Peacock used in interior design.

Plywood increasingly used in furnishings

Birch plywood is a popular material for furniture, and the consumer trend appears to reflect a growing interest in natural elements and wood in interior design. The edge of the plywood can also be left untreated, as it brings a nice finishing touch to the furniture and reveals more of the wood surface.

Birch plywood also meets the increasingly stringent requirements set for indoor air. The material, made from a renewable raw material, binds carbon dioxide throughout the product’s life cycle.

“Furniture manufacturers have also taken note of plywood’s favourable properties. Plywood products additionally promote sustainable development. The use of plywood in interior design and furniture manufacturing is clearly on the rise. Plywood stands out from other oil-based products for its eco-friendliness,” says Timo Linna, Head of Product Management and R&D for Koskisen’s Panel Industry.

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