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New birch plywood flooring eliminates need for rubber matting during transport

Logo on the plywood panels brings company added visibility.

Logo on the plywood panels brings company added visibility.

By law, the transport of certain goods, such as paper rolls, requires flooring with a high friction value to keep the load stable during transport. Previously, the solution was found in rubber mats, which are often disposable and always require proper placement when loading and unloading goods.

Koskisen’s Panel Industry has launched a birch plywood innovation to replace separate rubber mats used in the transport vehicle industry. “With its high friction value of > 0.6, the coating of our new product has similar properties to rubber matting and thus keep goods firmly in place during transport. This eliminates the need to change the rubber mats and re-arrange their placement between loads, saving both time and money,” says Timo Linna, Head of Product Management and R&D for Koskisen’s Panel Industry.

Birch plywood an ecological choice for semi-trailer flooring

Birch plywood is made from a renewable raw material; it is an eco-friendly and recyclable flooring solution for transport vehicles such as semi-trailers. KoskiFloor Safety birch plywood also helps save the environment by eliminating the need for rubber mats. “The rubber mats used by the transport industry are often disposable, which adds up to a lot of waste. With KoskiFloor Safety, these mats are no longer needed, which saves both time and costs. At the same time, driver safety improves,” stresses Linna.

KoskiFloor Safety birch plywood was developed especially for demanding applications. In addition to its high friction value of > 0.6, the product has excellent wear resistance, with a Taber value as high as 30,000. The unique coating, with a stylish embossed pattern, is slip-resistant and reduces the risk of slippage also when the surface is wet.

KoskiFloor safety replaces rubber mats used in trailers during the transport.

KoskiFloor safety replaces rubber mats used in trailers during the transport.

Logo on flooring panel brings added value to companies

KoskiFloor Safety comes in the standard colour of black, but other colours are also available. The new flooring panel also offers companies the opportunity to stand out, as the company’s logo can be embossed on the coating of the birch plywood panel. “The company’s logo included on the plywood panel brings the company a nice touch of added visibility,” says Linna. 

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