Wood working23.05.2011

Lovi products are crafted from thin plywood

Lovi products

The thin, modular Lovi trees and ornamental cards are unique, Finnish design products made of Koskisen thin plywood.

Lovi is a Finnish design company located in Kiiminki, Western Finland, which designs, produces and markets Lovi products.

The product family is designed by industrial designer Anne Paso, who is also the founder and Managing Director of the company. Loviproducts are mainly made of thin plywood. They are water-jet cut by contractors Jetmasters and Ultracut, but the final, three-dimensional form is generated by hand, without any special tools.

A unique feature of the products is the ‘Lovi joint’, which was created by chance at Christmas in 2001.

- I wanted to have wooden balls for our Christmas tree, but I couldn’t find any in the shops. So I started to design the ball myself, and ended up gluing plywood pieces on a stick. I became interested in developing the modularity further and, as a result, the Lovi joint was created. It was patented in 2003, Paso explains.

Ecological Finnish birch

Anne Paso likes wood as a material because it is domestic, ecological, renewable and easy to work with.

- Our products are made of birch, which is an extremely nice material. It has a certain depth that other species lack.

Lovi products have attracted attention all over the world. In addition to Europe, the company currently exports to Japan, USA, Australia, Russia and Brazil.

- Single export batches vary in size from couple of dozen products to several thousand. We’ve been growing rapidly in recent years, Paso says.

She says that the tree planting campaign, organised by Finn Church Aid, is a good indication of success.

- By buying a Lovi tree or Christmas tree, you participate in the planting campaign. A small Lovi tree or Christmas tree helps plant one tree, a medium-sized three and a big one five trees, on average. The campaign was launched in autumn 2008, and has raised funds for the planting of nearly 8,000 trees. We strive to keep growing as a company, act responsibly and raise people’s spirits.

A company of two women

The entire Lovi range, consisting of some 50 products, is designed by Anne Paso. In addition to Anne, the company employs her sister-in-law, Hanna Paso, as Production Manager.

- Our product development is continuous and entirely based on my competence as a designer. We launch one or two new products a year.

According to Anne, the co-operation with Koskisen, which has lasted several years, runs very smoothly. She values Koskisen’s family-company background and the fact that the wood is procured from private forests.

Lovi’s raw material, 1 and 1.5 mm thick thin plywood, is delivered to the water-jet cutting contractors from Koskisen’s Hirvensalmi unit.

- It is essential that we are able to tell the world that our products are ecological and, for instance, that all the wood procured by Koskisen is PEFC certified.

Lovi is a company of two women, the managing director and designer Anne Paso works with her her sister-in-law, Hanna Paso, who is a product manager of the company.

Lovi is a company of two women, the managing director and designer Anne Paso works with her her sister-in-law, Hanna Paso, who is a product manager of the company.