Wood working23.05.2011

Koskisen’s plywood – a strong link in Majavatuote’s trailers

KoskiCrown plywood is used in the floor of the Majava trailers.

KoskiCrown plywood is used in the floor of the Majava trailers.

“Koskisen knows the markets inside out. They know exactly what the best products for us are,” says Petri Holappa, founder, main shareholder and Managing Director of Majavatuote.

Majavatuote focuses on durable products that utilise only high-quality materials. Majavatuote and Koskisen have collaborated for ten years. During that time Majavatuote’s product range has expanded so that Koskisen now delivers well over ten different tailor-made plywood products for the company’s trailers.

Perfect fit

Last year more than 7,000 Majava trailers and boat trailers were delivered to customers in Finland and abroad. KoskiCrown plywood, which is used in the floor of the trailers, was developed in close cooperation by the companies.

- With our production volumes, cut-to-size plywood panels that fit our trailer perfectly are essential. We don’t have time to worry about whether the product will fit or not, let alone start machining it.

- Koskisen’s KoskiCrown plywood is durable and of high quality, ordering is easy and deliveries are smooth. What else can you hope for from a supplier?” Petri Holappa says with a laugh.

100% Finnish trailers

Majavatuote was established in 1990 in Sastamala, and the company is now the largest manufacturer of trailers and boat trailers in Finland. In 2010 the company employed 35 people and had net sales of some 6.9 million euros. The growth-driven and European-market-oriented company has set a net sales target of approximately 10 million euros for this year.

According to Holappa, the company is proud of its Finnish origins and workmanship.

- We manufacture all our products in Finland and also use domestic parts as far as possible. The Association for Finnish Work has granted Majavatuote the right to use the Key Flag, a symbol for Finnish know-how.

In addition to being strongly rooted in Finland, Koskisen and Majava are committed to quality and environmental values: both companies have ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates and ISO 14001:2004 environmental certificates.

- We’ll be focussing even more on export markets in the future. That’s why it’s important that the plywood products we use also have EU type approval, Holappa points out.