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”KoskiKant’s price and quality are right”

KoskiKant is suitable for example shelves

KoskiKant is suitable for example shelves

Co-operation is easy when deliveries run smoothly, quality is uncompromised and the price is competitive. The Managing Director of Polywood shares this opinion.

One of the customers of Koskisen Chipboard Industry is Oy Polywood Finland Ab, operating in Koskenkylä, Pernaja commune. It’s main areas of operation are shop and public fixtures as well as melamine, laminate and wooden fixtures.

About 20 percent of Polywood’s turnover comes from it’s LUX KOTI product family sold to private customers. This consists of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, sliding doors and other storage systems. The majority (about 80 %) comes from shop and public fixtures. Among the company’s customers are Metos, Kesko and Väinö Korpinen, who are the market leaders in their fields.

Polywood made a bold decision during the recession by investing in customer sales. Perhaps the recession also served as a wake-up call for the company.

- When our big shop fixture customers froze their orders we noticed that our operation was too dependent on this area. We decided to invest in consumer sales, because even though detached house building and renovation  may slow down, it will never stop completely, Managing Director Kim Forsman ponders.

Recession caused growth

Polywood, founded in 1994 and having gone through a generation change strives for strong growth. They received a taste of this last year opening stores in Järvenpää and Porvoo. The company is now also opening a third new LUX KOTI store, this time in Bemböle, Espoo. Regardless of the economic recession Forsman believes in the growth of consumer sales.

- A couple of years ago business was good. Then the recession and a sharp decline came. Competition grew harder and we had to cut our margins and think about our efficiency. Fortunately we were not forced to fire anybody. Based on the order book at the moment the situation seems to be getting better. Overall I’m quite confident, because the future seems a great deal brighter than it was last autumn, says Forsman.

Competitors in the same price range as Polywood’s LUX KOTI –product family are Puustelli and Topi- ja ’A la carte kitchens. Forsman mentions individual solutions as being the competitive advantage of LUX KOTI -  something which their competitors are unable to offer.

- We can make a curved islet or especially long storage fixtures for a kitchen, because our production is not limited to the commonly used 10 cm measurement multiples, clarifies Forsman.

Quality is the deciding factor

Forsman, who came from a shopkeeping career to be Managing Director of Polywood, knows the requirements of shop fixtures by heart.

- A good shop fixture is made from sufficiently stout material to be long-lived and endure daily wear and tear. Very flimsy fixtures are worn out within a year.

Polywood’s kitchen and shop fixtures are manufactured from Koskisen’s 16 mm edge-banded KoskiKant board whose uniform quality pleases Forsman.

- The edge-bands are always in place and we have never had to complain. With Koskikant the price and quality are right.

Forsman says that chipboard is extremely well suited as material for home fixtures. Its strength properties are even better than that of solid wood.

- In addition chipboard is a very easily worked material. From our point of view the ease of machining is important, because all our fixtures are custom-made.

KoskiKanti is available in different colours

KoskiKanti is available in different colours