Wood working15.09.2010

KoskiFlex can even be made into a business card!

Colour reproduction properties of KoskiFlex are excellent.

Colour reproduction properties of KoskiFlex are excellent.

KoskiFlex plywood, the latest creation to come out of Koskisen’s innovative product development, is so thin and flexible that it could even be used as a material for business cards or decorating products.

KoskiFlex is currently the thinnest, strongest and most flexible birch plywood of its kind on the market. The result of long development work, KoskiFlex boasts exceptional structural and colour reproduction properties and just about anything can be printed on it.

“KoskiFlex introduces entirely new end-use possibilities and customer segments for thin plywood products. It is suitable for various special-print products and decoration elements, such as business cards, book covers, cards, gift items, marketing materials or even lamp shades. Sure, compared to fine papers and board it’s expensive, but those solutions don’t have the real feel of wood,” explains Heikki Kiesilä, Export Sales Manager for Koskisen’s Birch Products industry.

Imagination’s the limit

Kiesilä believes KoskiFlex has quite exciting market prospects. The product has already garnered keen interest and trial orders have been placed by entirely new customer groups.

“As of this fall, KoskiFlex will be available from both Koskisen and wholesalers. In October we will receive a new press, which will increase production capacity,” he explains.

The standard sizes of KoskiFlex will be 1450 x 1450 and 1200 x 1200 mm, in addition to which customers will be able to request special sizes, according to the printing machine.

“Compared to painting boards, the dimensions of KoskiFlex stay brilliantly intact during printing. It has a taut surface that doesn’t stretch, and finishing is easy. All in all, KoskiFlex applications for various end uses are limited only by the imagination,” Kiesilä concludes.


The world’s best print performance

In the middle of sweltering July, the basement of the Lahti printing house Markprint is bustling with activity. Heidelberg Speedmaster, representing the best printing technology in the world, is churning out different printing products at a rate of as much as 10,000 sheets per hour. The two-year-old offset printing machine, an investment of close to two million euros, has also been involved in fresh printing trials on KoskiFlex. Koskisen’s Brand Coordinator Joona Kallinen is holding the super-thin plywood in his hands, closely inspecting the printing result from different angles.

“We are close to achieving the optimum colour reproduction and accuracy. It’s great to see that even various special varnishes work extremely well on KoskiFlex,” he says.

According to Tuomo Honkavaara, Markprint’s product manager, the thin plywood is a very interesting new product for the printing house.

“KoskiFlex is suitable for customers who want the genuine feel of wood for their printed products are also prepared to pay for it. I would imagine that many wood and forest industry, and hunting and recreational companies would be very interested in it.”

With Markprint’s equipment, KoskiFlex can be used in a range of product printing applications. Special settings for the product have already been found in printing trials.

“In printing, KoskiFlex behaves like thicker-than-usual board. The printing result even stands the test of close-up inspection,” concludes Markprint’s Production Manager, Matti Pukkila.