Wood working23.05.2011

Kore panels product family expands

Koskisen’s Kore provides custom fitted and ready to install floor and lining kits to van conversion shops and retailers.

Koskisen’s Kore provides custom fitted and ready to install floor and lining kits to van conversion shops and retailers.

Kore pre-machined and ready-to install floor and wall panels intended for light transport vehicles are the latest product introduced by Koskisen’s Panel Products Industry. The Kore panels are off to a very successful start in the markets.

The product development started with the floor of one van model and has reached the point where Koskisen can now offer a tested floor solution for most vans.

- We have many new customers and the first floor deliveries have been made, recountsJarmo Ahonen, who is part of Kore’s product development.

- We are still working on developing wall panels, but we expect to include them in the product range this year, he adds.

Tremendous potential

Jarmo Ahonen sees tremendous possibilities and potential for growth in Koskisen’s floor and wall panels for light transport vehicles.

- Now that we have achieved a certain basic level in our production of Kore panels, the development work can really take off. Until now, the product development has focussed on technical drawings for various vehicle models. In future, we can focus on the product itself and on how it can be developed, says a pleased Ahonen.

Michael Hoffman, Sales Manager for Kore panels, explains that the customer base for the product is mostly made up of van accessory companies in Finland and Europe. New target groups are owners of distribution vehicle fleets and van manufacturers. Floors made of Kore panels have recently been displayed, for example, in a Ford vanat a car show in Birmingham.

- When it comes to increasing our sales, we must direct our resources not only at active product development, but also at building additional services around the product and at fast deliveries. We have just started to make good progress in our product development and there are still considerable opportunities for product innovations, says Hoffman.

Building a success story

Thanks to Koskisen’s international operations, any issues concerning Kore can be easily addressed by local representatives, which Koskisen has in several countries. Hoffman points out that Koskisen is still in the early stages with its Kore products.

The market for accessorising the interiors of light transport vehicles has been around for a while. We are a new player with a new product in a market where most players have found their niche, but we still believe that we have every possibility of turning Kore into a true success story, Hoffman sums up.