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Kore: a new panel for light commercial vehicles

Kore provides an easy solution for your van.

Kore provides an easy solution for your van.

Kore is the latest product of Koskisen’s Plywood industry. It is Koskisen’s first and only finished and ready-to-install floor and wall panel service intended for light transport vehicles. The manufacture and quality of Kore products are controlled from the forest right to delivery.

 “We are currently the only international supplier concentrating on ready-to-install floor and ceiling panels for light commercial vehicles, with our own product development and excellent plywood knowledge. This guarantees that we can offer our customers new services ahead of the competition,” says Michael Hoffmann, Manager Business Development, Vehicles at Koskisen Plywood Industry.

According to Hoffmann, the idea of adding value to plywood panels came about in 2008. And in the beginning of this year, the project received a new boost.

“Our intention is to create a new standard for our light transport vehicle plywood products. We developed blueprints and programs for CNC machining, which was a time-consuming process, as all of the products intended for installation had to be inspected one by one. Thanks to our international partners and our own project team, we can offer our customers new, ready-to-install products already this year,” says a pleased Hoffmann.

Growing product range

Hoffmann says the first Kore products to be launched in the markets this year are only a taste of what’s to come:

“We are continuously developing new products and services for the needs of the transport vehicle industry. The Kore ready-to-install panel range will cover all existing and future transport vehicle models on the market. Kore is already a 100% ready-to-install panel and with further development we will be able to offer additional services, to facilitate installation, for example. Already now, the panels by Kore will not have to be screwed onto the vehicle’s frame, which will save time, prevent corrosion and preserve the manufacturer’s product guarantee.”

Kore potentially caters for ordinary consumers as well, but we will offer our new service primarily to van conversion shps, manufacturers or light commercial vehicles and retailers. Hoffmann strongly believes that Kore will be a market success.

“Kore panels are manufactured with high-quality Koskisen plywood and are machine-finished with the help of state-of-the-art CNC technology. The cladding panels are easy to install and the delivery package contains all the necessary accessories and instructions for their installation,” Hoffmann explains, adding, “since the entire production process for Kore products is in our hands, the customer is certain to receive high quality Kore panels, regardless of the country they are purchased in.”

Flexible and speedy service

Thanks to Koskisen’s international operations, any issues concerning Kore can be easily addressed by local representatives, which Koskisen has in 15 European countries and the US. Hoffmann says that although Koskisen is still in the early stages with its Kore products, he believes they will quickly become a major contender in international markets.

“We intend to build a product and service concept that will be what I consider a ‘complete package’ for our light transport vehicle customers. This will allow us to serve our customers flexibly and on short notice.” 

Koskisen Kore to be presented the first time at IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair from September 23 to 30, 2010 in Hannover, Germany.

More information on Kore: kore.koskisen.com

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