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Functional co-operation for 30 years

The co-operation between Koskisen and Bendinggroup has existed for three decades

The co-operation between Koskisen and Bendinggroup has existed for three decades

The co-operation between Koskisen and the Swedish company Bendinggroup which produces moulded furniture has existed for three decades. The key behind this co-operation is mutual respect, listening, partnership and a strong understanding of the process of veneer production.

Our ”union” has lasted for a long time and Koskisen Oy has been our main supplier ofveneer products for 30 years. During this time our co-operation has become deeper and has developed into its current form, says the Managing Director of BendinggroupTomas Ragnarsson.

He says that the customers of Bendinggroup are used to quick delivery times, and this requires quick and flexible responses from Koskisen as well.

- Flexibility and speed are number one in our priorities. If our co-operation continues as it is at present, I don’t see any reason why our partnership could not continue for the next 30 years, says Ragnarsson.

Furniture from homes to schools

Situated In Nybro, Southern Sweden, Bendinggroup produces moulded products and finished furniture mainly to meet  the needs of offices and public spaces. Founded in 1955, the company has 90 employees. Along with their own furniture and moulding production, Bendinggroup is a significant supplier to large international furniture manufacturers. The turnover of the company is about 7 M€ but according to Tomas Ragnarssonin, the 10 million boundary is expected to be broken in the next 2-3 years.

- In addition to Scandinavia we have customers in e.g. Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland. These are mainly furniture manufacturers who produce furniture for schools, hospitals, hotels and conference centres alongside home furniture. The furniture we produce ourselves are chairs, arm chairs and sofas that are suited for the versatile needs of the furniture market.

Bendinggroup’s latest customer sector is stores to meet whose needs we are producing completely new types of fixture solutions.

- We decided to expand our operation but to do it ”on home ground” with furniture manufacturing. Shop fixtures bring about new opportunities for our production, concludes Tomas Ragnarsson.

Birch veneer on the surface

Koskisen delivers 0,6-1,5 mm thick birch veneers to Bendinggroup. In addition to birch veneers, Bendinggroup also laminates furniture etc. with ash, walnut and artificial veneers.

According to Export Manager of Birch Products Heikki Kiesilä deliveries of birch veneer have worked in the same way for years.

- Bendinggroup is a customer which knows their own market and is exemplary in the planning of their purchases.

But what is the secret behind the long union in Kiesilä’s opinion?

- It is mutual love…and strong understanding of the partner’s business, Kiesilä says.