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For Laser Cut Studio, the quality of plywood is crucial - UV printing being developed

Laser Cut Studio prints customers' photos on thin plywood.

Laser Cut Studio prints customers' photos on thin plywood.

- We have been working with Koskisen for three years and I won't change, says Adam Rowe, owner of Helsinki based Laser Cut Studio. Since starting the cooperation with Koskisen, his business has grown.  One of the most important reasons for growth is Koskisen quality. – Koskisen quality and customer service is beyond anything else, says Adam.

Laser Cut Studio is a laser-cutting company based in Helsinki, providing creative solutions and small productions for clients within Finland. The company was quite unique in Finland when they started.

- There are studios like us in other countries around Europe, but not in Finland. What we do is for example small pieces of jewelry in small batches, e.g. 100-200 items. But now, as we have been growing we are reaching also larger batches with our clients, around 1000 units.

Adam’s idea is to offer affordable manufacturing solutions for designers and creatives alike. The aim is to produce ideas quickly and effectively within Finland.

- We produce fast and locally for everyone, pushing the creative output of Helsinki forward.

Most of Laser Cut Studio’s production is made from wood or plywood. Adam do not know for sure why designers choose wood over other raw materials.

-We try to convince our customers to use wood and plywood, because of the sustainability issues and the look and feel. The trend has changed: five years ago, all the jewelry in Finland was acrylic. But know, little by little, we have sold more and more plywood jewelry and the trend has turned. We had some clients that have tripled the sales because of the consumer demand and because of how consumers see plywood as raw material.  

- I have always known Koskisen, because my dad was a furniture-maker in the UK. He made high-quality furniture and when he wanted to buy the best-quality wood, he bought Koskisen products. In the early days of the Laser Cut Studio, we worked with other plywood manufacturers, but we had massive issues with the quality. Now we have been working with Koskisen for three years and I won't change. 

- We are a small-scale manufacturer company, thus the mistakes, especially quality issues, would be extremely critical for us. We must deliver superior quality; the quality of the raw material is crucial.

- Since ordering Koskisen Thin Plywood, it has shown. We have had very minor quality issues – and when we had some issues, I discussed with Koskisen and they said that it will never happen again. Koskisen's quality and customer service is far beyond than anyone else is doing. It is the best you can get. With our cooperation, Laser Cut Studio has grown and the yield is high.  

Lately, Laser Cut Studio has developed UV printing and has already invested to new UV printing machines.

- Currently, people are very interested into printing images on wood. You can print almost anything on thin plywood, and that is something we are developing further.

Adam Rowe says that the consumer aesthetic and people's understanding of wood has grown. - Wood is very on trend. That is why we are trying to develop new solutions and services for our clients. 

Interested? Want some samples? We can help you out. Please tell us a little bit more about what you need. 

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