Wood working15.04.2010

Development work of KoskiLaser 3D is finished!

KoskiLaser 3D plywood for die cutting.

KoskiLaser 3D plywood for die cutting.

Koskisen’s plywood industry is world renowned for its innovative product development. Koskilaser 3D, developed e.g. for the needs of medicine, cigarette and cosmetics industry, is the latest example of the continuous and customer-oriented product development and of the fact that Finnish plywood finds its way to demanding end uses around the world.

According to plywood industry’s product manager Tomi Kivistö, special products manufactured in small sets have been a part of Koskisen selection for as long as there has been plywood manufacturing in Järvelä. We have always strived for pioneering solutions that the competitors have only just started planning. One of those isKoskiLaser 3D plywood that has been developed for the needs of industry using die cutting in the production of their packages.

- Due to the development of die-cutting technology the demands have grown harder: it has to stay straight, endure hundreds of thousands of strikes and preserve its dimensional accuracy. According to the feedback from the customers, KoskiLaser 3D has matched up to the set targets extremely well, says Kivistö.

Own products and know-how

The secret behind KoskiLaser 3D is in its core, which is the combination of three different groups’ products and know-how. The new product has been developed for four years but it wasn’t until now that Kivistö is satisfied with the product formula of KoskiLaser. With the POMMS- (Power Orientated Micro Multiplex Stabiliser) technology developed for manufacturing KoskiLaser 3 D we aim at meeting even the challenging customer requirements.

- The demand of the product has been delightfully good. Because KoskiLaser is completely made out of the company’s own products we can produce and deliver flexibly and quickly. Credit for this is due to the whole product development team of pdt and the Hirvensalmi unit.

Alongside with KoskiLaser Koskisen has already developed a more high-quality product, KoskiLaser 3D Premium, which is manufactured entirely out of special plywood. It competes with laminate board in its features and still lacks some fine-tuning.

- The Premium board is even more durable and long-lasting than its predecessor but of course that is shown in the price. On the other hand, price is no object for the user of this kind of product, ponders Kivistö.

Continual product development

According to Tomi Kivistö, the planning and development of special plywood boards is a challenging and interesting job. At the product development stage the functionality of the board in different usage conditions is tested carefully. The most common testing objects are tensile properties and mechanical properties such as weather and impact resistance.

- When the customer has accepted a product and placed an order, the boards will be coated with an overlay that the customer wants, sawn to special measurements and machined in an individual manner: with tongues and grooves as well drillings so that the installation will be quick and easy. The deliveries of Shanghai world expo are an excellent example of the flexibility of our production: over 1000 plywood boards with different machinings were delivered. The smallest deliveries have been one or even half a package, says Kivistö.

Kivistö has worked for over 20 years at Koskisen plywood factory and knows laser and decorative products to the core. His most important task is to advice sales offices and customer in product related matters. Versatile work and the continuous development of products challenge him to learn more all the time.

- During each customer visit I receive a huge amount of new information on e.g. die-cutting, he notes.