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Decorative, colorful, translucent - A surface which evokes emotions

Riitta Ahokas and Andreas Berger proudly present KoskiDecor whose wide range of colors make it ideal as a material to be used by the innovative furniture industry and upmarket carpenters.

Riitta Ahokas and Andreas Berger proudly present KoskiDecor whose wide range of colors make it ideal as a material to be used by the innovative furniture industry and upmarket carpenters.

In the Finnish town of Järvelä, Koskisen produces panel surfaces with customized optical and technical characteristics. Whereas production of surface-treated birch plywood has a longstanding tradition, the company from Järvelä now sets standards for furniture and Interior design – with the new product family KoskiDecor.

"We tailor customized solutions for our clients that fit like a glove", says Riitta Ahokas, Product Manager for decorative panels at Koskisen.

Koskisen is widely known as a specialist for all kinds of products made of birch wood – apart from plywood this includes lumber and planed timber as well as veneer. The product range begins with extremely thin plywood sheets (0.4 mm) of up to 1,900 mm width and 4,000 mm length, and for scarf-jointed sheets, formats go up to 2,900 mm by 13,000 mm. The latest innovation in the range is called KoskiDecor offering attractive options for interior design.

This surface is sure to impress everybody

When Andreas Berger, Koskisen-Key Account Manager in south Germany (north Germany is attended to by his colleague Andreas Strauch), Austria and Switzerland, speaks of KoskiDecor, his eyes begin to glow.

"This surface creates emotions, it leaves no one indifferent", he explains the core property of the decorative plywood in a nutshell.

Both sides of the panel are coated with colored phenolic resin films which allow the original wood grain to shine through. As an alternative, the panel is also available coated with a high-quality, opaque laminate. Beyond that, the following properties characterize KoskiDecor:
- Improved outer and core layers
- Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces
- They are neutral in terms of odor and taste
- The scope of possible applications extends from furniture and shopfitting to tables and from worktops to wall panels and billboards.

The new panel is entirely produced at the Koskisen-plant in Järvelä. It all starts with the production of the carrier plate which, as mentioned at the beginning, is only made of fine Finnish birch plywood. Gluing is done with phenolic resin according to EN 314-2. A wide range of available formats distinguishes the panels made in Finland. Standard dimensions are 1,500 mm by 2,500 mm and 1,500 mm by 3,000 mm, but apart from that a host of special formats is available – such as customized dimensions of up to 3660 mm length for panels with laminate finish.

Decor is not the same as Decor

In principle, KoskiDecor is available in different versions. It has a thickness of 12 to 21 mm, but at special request can be ordered with a phenolic resin coating or in other thicknesses. For better protection of the quality surface, KoskiDecor laminate is provided with a foil coating. While KoskiDecor and KoskiDecor laminate are mostly available in standard colors, the "Eco"-version offers a wide range of colors. It features a translucent, water-based special colour on both sides of the panel. The subsequent heat-treatment of the surface provides a decorative, satin finish.

"Eco transparent" takes the product one step further: It is refined with transparent melamine surfaces and available in a variety of standard and special colours. The wood grain of selected veneer layers shining through the translucent finish will enhance the appearance of any object and location it is used for. The bending and strength properties of KoskiDecor eco transparent are identical with those of the standard products manufactured in Järvelä.

"Particularly furniture makers and shop fitters are enthusiastic about our eco tranparent-panel", says Berger.

All Koskisen products are PEFC certified.

Contacts Worldwide

Nine branch offices in various European countries and six KoskiDecor representatives working outside the continent make sure that Koskisen-products find customers worldwide. In doing so, they follow the Whole Saler principle: They identify well-known, stockholding wholesalers in a region who know their home market and the customer base very well and thus can bring the attention of processing companies to the innovative products within a short period of time.

They stock Koskisen-products and guarantee steady supply.

"In order for a Finnish company with high production and labor costs to stay competitive, two things are most important: product quality and reliability", explains Ahokas.

The approach pays off – as a glance at the list of reknowned wholesalers suggests with which Koskisen cooperates in the German speaking countries. Among them are Frischeis, Stockerau, for Austria or Sperrag, Pratteln, for Switzerland. The German market is supplied by the Carl Goetz-Group in Neu-Ulm, Hofa in Stapelfeld, Imholz in Leipzig and Leyendecker in Trier.

Focusing on planners and architects

The KoskiDecor product range is well received among numerous architects and planners, company sources in Finland say. It is free of pollutants, neutral as far as odor and taste are concerned and easy to clean. It is proven to be foodsafe and also certified according to the Safety of Toys certification (EN 713), which makes it perfect for KITA-fitting, for example. It is ideally used for innovative furniture- and wall coverings (see images above), as worktops, for kitchen- and shopfittings or by upmarket furniture makers.