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Constant quality and durability of thin plywood makes it artisans’ number one choice

Laser-cutting is the easy way to create shapes and details in thin plywood.

Laser-cutting is the easy way to create shapes and details in thin plywood.

L.Stelling GmbH is a timber and plywood wholesaler providing artisans with quality plywood, veneers & timber for e.g.  scale models, furnishings, ornaments and jewelry. “Koskisen birch thin plywood has been in our selection for eight years now. From the very beginning I have been very impressed by the high and constant quality of the product”, Says the owner Lutz Stelling

L.Stelling has customers in Germany and several other Central Europe countries. Artisans’ very detailed handcraft products set special requirements for the wood material. Durability, constant quality, and lightness make Koskisen birch thin plywood and ideal choice for L.Stelling’s demanding artisan customers. 

Durability and beautiful ply surface are important features for scale model material

The needs of L.Stelling’s customers set special requirements for the materials. One customer group of L.Stelling are the designers and  builders of scale models. Scale models are often very detailed; thus, the constant quality of the material is very important. “Our customers are using thin birch plywood for scale models, such as flying models. For them, the durability of the material is crucial. Thin plywood is very durable compared to its thickness and weight, so it is very popular material especially when creating plane models”, tells Lutz Stelling.

One benefit of Koskisen thin plywood is the beautiful and sleek surface. The material does not necessarily need any surface finishing, but it suits for painting and coating very well. Durability, constant quality and beautiful surface enables the use for many purposes and multifunctionality is a benefit. Also, the quality rating of Koskisen thin plywood is very accurate, meaning that there are no variations in the thickness and ply surface within different product classifications.  

Environmental-friendly thin plywood is ideal for laser-cutting

 L.Stelling’s customers use thin birch plywood also for laser-cutting. “Customers using Koskisen thin plywood for laser-cutting love the product. The gluing of Koskisen thin plywood is very light and not visible after laser-cutting, which is important to guarantee stylish end-products. In laser-cutting the constant quality of the material is very critical”, says Lutz Stelling.

Constant quality of plywood enables to minimize production loss and to reach very high utilization rate: when every piece of the material is usable. The quality in laser-cutting effects on labor costs too. When producers’ time is not wasted or disturbed with failed cutting, work is more efficient. 

Today, consumers are more and more conscious about environmental and sustainability issues. Thin plywood is a good choice due to its’ sustainability: wood is a renewable material and Koskisen thin birch plywood comes from sustainably maintained forests. 

Reliable and flexible partnership with Koskisen

Lutz Stelling has been very satisfied to the cooperation with Koskisen. He values the quality of the product and customer service: every delivery is exactly what has been ordered. He also values Koskisen’s flexibility and fast deliveries. For artisans’ purposes, the material volumes are not extremely high, and the orders might change with a short notice. Nevertheless, Koskisen has answered to these needs very well. Also, every now and then Koskinen has shown flexibility by producing a tailor-made set of a thin plywood based on L.Stelling’s customers’ special requests.

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