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Roots in Siberia, refined by Koskisen

Patio, made by Siperian Larch

Patio, made by Siperian Larch

Summer is the season for DIY construction work at home and the summer house. Building a patio is one of the most common projects. But how to find the most suitable and durable building material option? Siberian Larch, sold by Koskisen, is an excellent choice for patio flooring – and also for other exterior cladding purposes.

Siberian Larch is known to be strong and durable. It grows slowly in harsh conditions, which makes it dense and hard with excellent resistance to changes in moisture levels. The amount of extractives in Siberian Larch also makes it naturally resistant to rot.

“Siberian Larch has been used in demanding applications for centuries. In Norway, for instance, larch is a popular building material due to its excellent resistance to the harsh marine climate,” says Koskisen’s Sales Manager Jorma Metsola.

Environmentally friendly option

What makes Siberian Larch unique is its natural durability; it does not have to be treated with anything that contains harmful substances, making it a clean, natural product. Larch is a sustainable choice also due to the fact that its annual growth exceeds the felling rates. So those opting for larch do not have to worry about their material coming from endangered forests.

Sawn larch has a distinct target group. Those who don’t want to use products made from plastic, composites or impregnated wood or wood harvested from disputed areas are happy to build from the environmentally-friendly larch,” says Koskisen’s Sales Manager Ari Elovaara.

As a bonus the Siberian Larch does not require much maintenance. When left untreated, it will turn grey over the years and blend beautifully into waterside environments, for example. If you want it to retain its natural wood colour, all you need to do is treat it every two to three years with wood preservative.

In terms of price, larch is placed somewhere in the middle of the available options. It is, after all, a premium product with good value for money.

Also for public buildings

Koskisen is one of the biggest suppliers of larch in Finland. Annual sales of larch total 3,000–5,000 m3. Terraces are not the only application – some time ago a library was built in Savonlinna, with larch as the exterior cladding material.

“Larch is a beautiful material and – owing to its hardness and rot resistance – well suited to public building projects,” says Metsola.

Koskisen sells larch to consumers through its retail partner. Larch is available in the following dimensions: 28x95, 28x120, 28x145, 45x145, 45x195 and 45x95. For further information, please contact Koskisen sales.