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Only colourful plywood for Tiptiptap

"Colour encourages children to play, says Rasmus Varunov, Managing Director of Titptiptap."

"Colour encourages children to play, says Rasmus Varunov, Managing Director of Titptiptap."

The Estonian company Tiptiptap manufactures playgrounds, skateparks and sport and exercise grounds. The company’s equipment, manufactured for demanding outdoor use, requires strength, wear resistance and bright colours. Koskisen’s KoskiFutura plywood fulfil all the requirements.

Tiptiptap OÜ was established in 2004. Just a couple of years later, the company was already the largest playground manufacturer and seller in the Baltic countries. According to Executive Manager Rasmus Varunov, Tiptiptap’s operations have grown thanks to the company’s expanding export business.

- Last year, our exports made up approximately 40 per cent of our sales; this year, that figure has already reached 60 per cent. Our biggest market areas are Finland, Sweden and Norway, but sales are also good in, for example, Spain and Taiwan, where European design and high quality are esteemed. All in all, we export to more than 20 countries.

KoskiTrailer for skating ramps

Co-operation between Tiptiptap and Koskisen began in 2006. Koskisen’s Baltic sales representative, Ander Aavik, receives high praise from Varunov:

- Ander has been very proactive in informing us about new products and showing us sample products. We have discussed various plywood options with him, for example for our skating ramps, which we started manufacturing a few years ago. On Ander’s suggestion we tried KoskiTrailer for our ramps, and it has proved to be a very good solution: the plywood is very durable and thanks to its rough surface, it’s not nearly as slippery as other plywood. The ramps also had to be suitable for BMX bikes, so we had to think very carefully about which material to choose.

Varunov says Koskisen’s quality and deliveries are reliable:

- The plywood deliveries have always arrived on time, and sometimes even ahead of schedule.

Colour counts

As a manufacturer of playground equipment, Tiptiptap purchases almost exclusively coloured plywood from Koskisen.

- If you walk into any toy store or children’s furniture store, you’ll see that most of the products are blue, red, yellow or a combination of those colours. Colour encourages children to play. That’s the reason all our outdoor playground equipment is brightly coloured, Varunov explains.

Tiptiptap’s 1,500-square-metre production facility is located outside Estonia’s capital city of Tallinn and employs 30 people. Last year alone, the company’s turnover increased by around 30 per cent and growth is expected this year, too.

- At the end of October, we will take part in the FSB International Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities in Cologne, Germany, says Varunov, adding that Koskisen’s coloured plywood will also feature prominently at the fair.