Wood working11.10.2011

New products in Koskisen chipboard range

- The new surface pattern looks and feels like genuine wood grain.

- The new surface pattern looks and feels like genuine wood grain.

New surface patterns bring a fresh approach to the KoskiMel chipboard range.

- The new surface pattern looks and feels like genuine wood grain. The interchanging matt and glossy pattern of the surface creates a three-dimensional effect, and the surface’s height differences look bigger than they actually are, describes Koskisen’s Sales Manager Jari Laine.

The current embossing options are wood grain, crystal, soft and smooth. According to Laine, the new, stronger wood-grain pattern is especially suitable for furniture doors and shop furniture.

- Over the next few weeks we will choose four or five new coatings for embossing the new pattern using the new coating plate. They will give our extensive pattern range a fresh, modern look, Laine says.

Koskisen uncoated chipboard product’s stocked range has also been upgraded to better meet market needs.

- In future our uncoated chipboard products will be available from stock in strength grades P2 and P5. Grades P1, P4 and P6 will delivered to order.

The new KoskiMel Table Top – more durable than ever

The KoskiMel product range will see a whole new product, KoskiMel Table Top, which will be introduced before the end of this year.

KoskiMel Table Top boards have high resistance to wear, owing to the exceptionally strong melamine coating. Intended for use as table tops, and for furniture in schools and public spaces, KoskiMel Table Top board can be equipped with a separate film under the surface film, adding impact strength and wear resistance.

- The abrasion and scratching resistance of KoskiMel Table Top will match that of continuous pressure laminate. The wear resistance of the chipboard with the subsurface film layer is up to ten times better than that of normal melamine coated chipboard, Koskisen Chipboard Industry’s Product Manager Jukka Rautiainen says.

According to Rautiainen, the new KoskiMel Table Top will hit the markets at the turn of the year. The product development project has been advanced together with the furniture manufacturer Isku, which uses the board in its furniture for schools and public spaces.

- KoskiMel Table Top will be more economical than continuous pressure laminate. The combination of the Table Top melamine coating and the subsurface film can be considered a laminate product, so it can be included in bidding competitions for public spaces, alongside laminates, says Rautiainen.