Wood working10.12.2013

New colours for furniture board

New KoskiMel colours are available next year.

New KoskiMel colours are available next year.

As of the beginning of next year, KoskiMel furniture board manufactured at Koskisen’s chipboard mill will be available in ten fresh new colours.

The colours that best correspond to customers’ wishes were charted in conjunction with customer visits. The new, modern colours were chosen from dozens of contenders and can already be seen on Koskisen’s website.

The best features of the new patterns are highlighted particularly with GL, i.e. Glossline coating. Glossline has a matt finish that looks almost like real wood.

“In January we will send our customers A4-sized samples of the new colour options, and after that, they will be able to order them,” says Jukka Rautiainen, Product Manager, Koskisen Chipboard.