Wood working11.06.2012

Koskisen’s plywood products add strength to new cargo and fishing vessels

The wall and deck materials of fishing vessels and ships need to have especially high mechanical strength, moisture resistance and good hygiene. Koskisen’s Panel Products Industry’s spearhead products are DNV-certified and meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Koskisen’s Panel Products Industry’s plywood products are particularly well suited for use as the deck and wall cladding of shipping and cargo vessels. Sales Manager Annika Kristiansson from Koskisen’s sales office in Sweden says that the products are in high demand especially in the Norwegian and Danish shipping and fishing vessel markets.

- Koskisen’s plywood products meet the most stringent safety and hygiene requirements. The plywood panels for fishing and cargo vessels have been treated with a non-staining and odourless coating which makes them safe for use in vessels which transport food. The surface of the panels is easy to keep clean, Kristiansson summarises the advantages of the products.

Among Koskisen’s Panel Industry’s products, KoskiForm, KoskiFutura, KoskiDeck, KoskiDiamond, KoskiCarat and KoskiCrown are suitable for use in various types of ships.

- As a result of a slight economic downturn, the construction of new fishing vessels has almost stagnated since the turn of the year. Once the markets recover, our products are guaranteed to be coveted once again, Kristiansson believes.