Wood working09.01.2012

Koskisen launches a new generation of birch veneer

Birch veneer

Starting this spring, interior and furniture plywood panels can be faced with a new type of birch veneer. The multi-purpose KoskiBirchUp coloured can be glued on any type of plywood and supplied to customers with a melamine coating, if required.

According to Koskisen’s Product Manager Tomi Kivistö, KoskiBirchUp coloured veneer is available in natural birch colour and in a few colours from the basic colour palette.

Customised products can also be delivered, provided that the order is large enough. The through-coloured veneers allow for the production of coloured versions.

- The use of technical veneers like KoskiBirchUp coloured is something we have never done before. Our previous BirchUp product was sawn into scantlings and glued into panels. The veneered version does not have the same shrinkage and swelling problems that solid Birch-Up products have.

The KoskiBirchUp coloured veneers are available in a variety of colours and can be glued on any plywood panel or chipboard of the customer’s choice. The panels are delivered either as raw panels or provided with a melamine coating, after which they are ready for use.

According to Kivistö, KoskiBirchUp coloured will be available to customers in spring 2012. Before that, a few lucky ones will have the chance to test the novelty out.

- Customers interested in testing out the product can contact me by email, concludes Kivistö.