Wood working09.01.2012

Koskisen begins manufacturing IKI Timber at its own mill

Kari Koskinen has a strong faith in the biological treatment of timber.

Kari Koskinen has a strong faith in the biological treatment of timber.

In line with Koskisen’s investments in the sustainability and ecological qualities of its products, the company has begun producing IKI Timber, sawn timber treated with a biological preservative, at its own mill.

Test marketing was carried out in the spring of 2011, and since then Koskisen has acquired a manufacturing licence and production equipment. Koskisen sawn and planed goods will soon be available treated with a natural, water-based preservative. It is non-corrosive and does not contain heavy metals.

- The test marketing of ecologically treated decking boards was such a success last spring that we decided to include biologically treated sawn timber as a permanent part of our product range. Thanks to efficient production and short delivery times, we decided to acquire a manufacturing licence of IKI Timber product and install a production line for the products under a long-term contract, says Kari Koskinen, Development Director at Koskisen Oy.

The processing equipment for the timber will arrive at Koskisen in April or May. The biologically treated pine and spruce will be available for retailers as early as this summer, at the start of the yard construction season.

- We will start off in the domestic market so that we can gather useful user experiences. However, we also intend to start exporting the products on a tight schedule, says Koskinen.

Ecological treatment

The preservative that offers protection against mould, rot, blue-stain and insects contains environmentally graded biocides and has been granted the M1 health certificate for low emissions. For exports it is important that the products are also resistant to termite infestations, which is necessary particularly in tropical countries.

- We have strong faith in the biological treatment of timber. It is an ecological and sustainable method of treatment that brings clear benefits to the user, Koskinen says.