Wood working20.12.2012

Koskisen Timber Industry looks to Turkey

Koskisen Timber Industry looks to Turkey

Koskisen for more than ten years of cooperation with Finnlumber has spawned its own agent now also the Turkish market.

Koskisen's agent in Turkey is living in Finland, a Turkish-born Orkun Yasat.

- In 2010, I started working for Oy Finnlumber Ltd as the sales manager for the Turkish market. Oy Finnlumber Ltd is a timber agency company which has been selling Finnish Forestry Products since 1993. The company's main markets are Israel and Turkey. In our first year of sales, we reached 25% of the total Finnish exports of sawn timber to Turkey. In 2011 we reached 57% and 2012 will be even higher.

Orkun says that Turkey has been a wood working country since the Ottoman times.

- Although unfortunately wood substitute products have taken a big chunk out of the wood market, the trends are starting to turn back towards wood, slowly but surely. This is all related to the economic growth of the country. Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world at the moment and as people's buying powers improve, they turn towards what is healthy, safe and visual; that is wood.

All kinds of needs

Orkun Yasat quotes that all sawmillers in Finland think that Turkey is a market for knotless material.

- That's partially true but not entirely. Turkey is a big country with almost 80 million people and with very different regions. All regions have different needs in terms of wood quality. The grades and dimensions are various. I receive so many different inquiries that I cannot pin point what is the most wanted in Turkish market, but if I were to pick one then of course it is RW 19x100 knotless. This is simply because of the huge panel market and the preference of the society.

From Orkun’s poit of view, Koskisen has been the pioneer for the Turkish market and because of its excellent quality of the products and the professionalism of its team, it will continue to have a big share in the Turkish Wood market.

- All of this would not have been possible without the assistance of Mr. Gilad Sperling and Mr. Gil Mishael of Finnlumber and the visionary initiations of Mr. Tommi Sneck of Koskisen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again.