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KoskiShip works on fishing vessels

KoskiShip interiors surfaces of fishing vessels.

KoskiShip interiors surfaces of fishing vessels.

Koskisen is conquering new transport-vehicle markets by offering wall and ceiling panels for use on fishing vessels. Shipping companies around the world have found in KoskiShip plywood an excellent option for the interior surfaces of their fishing vessels.

Building a fishing vessel is a substantial undertaking that takes around 14 months. A fishing vessel is built, of course, with its main purpose – fishing – in mind, but at the same time, a small-scale fish factory is built inside the ship, where fish from the world’s oceans are processed and frozen. Upon docking in the harbour, the fish contained on the ship are ready to be passed on for immediate delivery.

Quick installation

Those in charge of procuring materials for shipping companies have eagerly embraced KoskiShip panels made of Finnish birch plywood. Plywood Customer Service Managers Päivi Andersson and Timo Linna say that during a recent customer visit, the shipping company’s personnel were thrilled about KoskiShip panels.

“And the installers were excited about the panels’ machinability, quick installation and the protective film during installation,” adds Andersson, recalling the comments heard on the ship-building site.

The panels come with tongue-and-groove joints on all four sides, and they measure 600x2400 mm, which makes them easy to install even in tight spaces. Panels with tongue-and-groove joints all around are easy to put in place, as no special fixings are required. The seams are waterproofed during installation with the application of a sealant.

Fishing ship

Suited for freezer sections

The hygiene requirements for fish-processing facilities are high, which means the surface materials on the walls and ceiling must also be especially durable and easy to keep clean. Koskisen’s KoskiShip panels meet these hygiene requirements, and prior to launching the product in the market, the company thoroughly looked into the matter. The product fulfils the EU directives 2002/72/EC and the amendments for plastics intended to come into contact with foodstuff and 2002/178/EC on the traceability of materials and devices intended to come into contact with foodstuff.
KoskiShip panels are coated with a film that protects the surface from scratches during installation. The overlay must remain intact during installation to ensure both easy cleaning and conformity with the required hygiene level when the panel is in use.

“Customers have been especially pleased with the clean white and shiny surface that can handle even rough wear and which cleans up easily after use,” says Linna.

Both the birch plywood and the ABS overlay are highly resistant to freezing temperatures, which is why KoskiShip is also used for the interior surfaces of freezer sections in fishing vessels.

The overlay for KoskiShip panels is made with a high-gloss and durable ABS plastic. The same type of plastic is used to manufacture, for instance, well-known everyday items, such as sunglasses frames, door handles, carpet knives, lifebuoys, and helmets, as well as computer or car components.