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KoskiMel colours get a facelift for the new decade

Three of new KoskiMel colours

Three of new KoskiMel colours

KoskiMel’s new colour tones now offer the furniture board industry even more options.

Last year, Koskisen’s Chipboard Industry decided it was time to update the colour palette of KoskiMel, a melamine-coated chipboard, as it had been quite a while since the last update, and the colour range was beginning to look a little outdated. The coating supplier provided 40 colours, which were then taken to Koskisen’s customers. At the customer meetings, 10 colours rose above the rest and, based on feedback from customers, these were the new colours chosen for the range.

“The goal was to find modern and fresh colours that did not yet exist on the market,” says Jari Laine, Sales Manager for Koskisen’s Chipboard unit.

The new colours really come to life when used with Glossline finish, which gives the chipboard an even more genuine-looking wood grain effect. The goal is to update the colour range every two years in order to keep up with the trends.

Customers pleased

The new colours have raised a lot of interest among customers. Sample pieces were sent out in mid-January, and the new colours were available on order after that.

“The new colours have been well-received by customers. Wholesalers have been particularly interested in Tolstoi Tammi and Mikado Antrazit,” says Laine.

The new colours offer the furniture board industry a range of possibilities, as they respond nicely to consumers’ preference for light, soft and earthy tones, as well as various tones of grey.

“The colour palette especially complements furniture doors, such as kitchen cabinets, as well as furniture used in public spaces and traditional furniture,” says Laine, listing some of KoskiMel’s applications.

Because KoskiMel is usually edge-banded for a clean finish, the range offered by Finnish edge-band suppliers now includes bands that match KoskiMel’s new colours.

New colours directly from storage

Just like other melamine products, the new KoskiMel colours are stock products, meaning they have a delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks. The products are delivered in standard package sizes, but smaller batches are also possible.

“A small delivery batch is an excellent option for the customer who wants to market test batches or who is working on a specific project. Small batches can be arranged in exact amounts to suit the customer’s needs,” says Product Manager Jukka Rautiainen.

KoskiMel furniture board is available in thicknesses ranging from 6 to 40 mm. The embossing options for the new colours are wood grain, crystal, soft, and smooth.