Koskisen Group14.01.2013

A summer job at Koskisen

Laura Lemmetty, Koskisen kesätyöntekijä

Laura Lemmetty, Koskisen summer employee

Koskisen is once again offering summer jobs to youths. Of the 50 or so young adults that were hired, around 20 are apprenticeship students.

One of those students is Laura Lemmetty, an abitur this spring and the first girl to complete the apprenticeship training offered by KoskisenSalpaus Further Education andKärkölä Upper Secondary School. Laura’s endeavour consists of a triple qualification, which means that once her studies are completed, she will receive a matriculation examination certificate, a certificate for completing upper secondary school and a basic qualification in the process industry. 

The training begins in spring of the first year of upper secondary school and lasts 36 months. In practice, it includes upper secondary school courses for four periods in the school term and one period of on-the-job training under an apprenticeship agreement. In addition, the training includes training weeks arranged by Salpaus. Following their spring-time apprenticeship period, the students generally take on a summer job at Koskisen for a few months.

Laura decided to embark on the training after lengthy consideration. At first, she wasn’t so interested in the idea of interrupting her upper secondary school studies every year for a six-week apprenticeship period. In the end, however, she became excited about the idea when she heard about the possibility to link studies in a basic degree in foreign trade to her apprenticeship. Laura was particularly excited about the opportunity to use German in her work. She learned the language in Switzerland, where she lived for four years during her childhood.

This summer will be the third that Laura has worked at Koskisen’s plywood mill. Her work has mostly centred around the office, but she is somewhat familiar with the production side, too. Most of the other students carrying out an apprenticeship period, in fact, work in production. Juha Mourujärvi is in charge of the apprenticeship training at Koskisen. He says that in May the students were given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the operations of various work stations, but as of June, when the proper summer jobs begin, the goal is for the work to be carried out primarily in one station.

Good working environment motivates

Prior to her apprenticeship training, Laura was not very familiar with Koskisen’s operations. Naturally, as a local resident, she had heard of the company and knew that it was a significant employer in the Kärkölä area, since some of her relatives work there. Working at Koskisen has left a very positive impression on Laura.

“It’s nice to go to work every morning and be greeted by a positive atmosphere, nice colleagues and interesting work,” she says with a smile.

Laura also receives praise for her work efforts. According to her colleagues, Laura is an energetic and efficient worker and has been a big help.

Laura’s summer work mainly involves making car reservations and sending invoices to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. She has also gained some experience entering orders in the computer. Laura says her apprenticeship training and work at Koskisen have been a good learning experience overall. Additionally, having a steady summer job has been a positive thing.

In the future in sight is commercial field

Laura’s future plans are still open, although her dreams have become clearer during the time she has spent at Koskisen. In early summer, she graduated from upper secondary school, and she will spend her summer working at Koskisen. Laura believes her apprenticeship training will wrap up at the end of summer or in early autumn. After that, she hopes to begin studies in commerce, either at a polytechnic or at a school of economics and business administration. She might also be interested in continuing her summer job, if her school applications are not accepted on the first attempt.

“Commerce seems like the right choice for me right now. I am especially interested in foreign trade, so that I can put my language skills to use,” says Laura.

Laura is happy that she chose apprenticeship training, as working at Koskisen has provided her with a good foundation for the field of commerce. She recommends apprenticeship training to other upper secondary students.

“An apprenticeship creates a good foundation for a future career. Upper secondary school alone is not enough to prepare you for working life, and if you haven’t been granted a place at another school after graduation, you may find yourself out of options,” she stresses.