Koskisen Group15.04.2010

Stossel Holding & Assets, Israel

Amit Stossel (left) and business partner, brother, Ilan Stossel.

Amit Stossel (left) and business partner, brother, Ilan Stossel.

Stossel Holding & Assets was established 50 years ago for timber importing of softwood and hardwood. Company is located in Haifa and its products are being distributed to Israel and Palestine.

Stossel is the market leader in volumes and quality of products in that area. Their market share is about 28-30% on spruce and pine sawn timber. Company turnover is about 25 million euros employing 17 persons.

Stossel is Koskisen customer in spruce and pine timber. They market and sell Koskisen Timber Industry’s products to hundreds of customers in Middle East. Stossel specializing in tailor made specifications, such as planed timber in different profiles for decking, flooring and pergola applications.

Even though the price negotiations are quite tough sometimes, Koskisen and D. Stossel is having a good and close business relation.

- Koskisen products costs more than others, but we value their customer service, wide product range and flexibility in deliveries, which enable us to serve even better our customers, says Amit Stossel, CEO of Stossel Holding & Assets."