Koskisen Group15.04.2010

Speed by students

Team of Metropolia Motorsport and their previous car.

Team of Metropolia Motorsport and their previous car.

Metropolia Motorsport Formula Engineering Team was founded back in 2000 to compete in the Formula SAE/student series. The first actual car was ready in 2002 and since that the team has been manufacturing a new car each year.

In September 2008 the team became known as Metropolia Motorsport as the school changed its name to Metropolia. From the very beginning team has been one of the most successful European Formula SAE-teams. After seven cars, over 80 engineers have graduated from the project with excellent skills. Ready to meet big challenges of the modern industry.

The Metropolia team consists mostly 2nd, 3rd and 4th year engineering students. Each year the team recruits 4 to 8 new students to replace those who graduate. The Group is small but motivation and knowledge is high. Currently there are 20 members working with the project, each of them having their own expertise based on personal interest and special skills. The Aim of the project is to train students to work life as variedly and concretely as possible. Long time experience of taking responsibility in the project gives the graduates the best possible tools to proceed in the future.

Designing of the car always starts form the very beginning and each year huge steps forward have to be taken with the design. Inspiration, of course, comes from old cars. The key to success is to combine things learned in the past to the latest innovations.
Metropolia Motorsport works in close co-operation with the business life. As an independent association it raises the funds needed for the project with the help of sponsors. Alongside many others Koskisen Oy wants to be part of making this highly educational project possible. The exhibition walls that Koskisen Oy gave as sponsorship helps Metropolia Motorsport to cut their exhibition costs. This makes it possible for the team to be more on display and that way get more publicity.

Going Green!

During season 2010 Metropolia Motorsport wants to lead the way towards cleaner future. As the first Formula SAE team it has calculated its carbon footprint and is now proudly a zero CO₂ team. Motivation to go green came from the team’s will to always work responsibly. The goal is to encourage other teams all over the world to follow the lead and do the right thing. Formula SAE as a series has also been going green by giving every year more and more points based on fuel economy.