Koskisen Group15.04.2010

Sales of sawn timber are enhanced

Koskisen Timber industry Sales Manager Jukka Tamminen

Koskisen Timber industry Sales Manager Jukka Tamminen

Changes were made in the sales of Koskisen sawn timber during 2009 which enabled wood to move more efficiently on the domestic and export markets.

According to Timber Industry Sales ManagerJukka Tamminen these changes were aimed at increasing efficiency as well as expanding our customer base.

New reinforcements

At the moment, Poland and Holland are the newest examples of Representative Offices which handle planed and sawn goods as well as other Koskisen products. This same model will be expanded to our Representative Offices in Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Spain.

- Marcel Doesburg is now in charge of both Holland and Belgium and has during the recent year also focused on sawn and planed products, says Jukka Tamminen.

At the beginning of the year our presence in Germany was reinforced by Jörg Peters, who works from the Heide Representative Office. Jörg’s responsibilities are planed and sawn timber products.

According to Jukka Tamminen the objective of Koskisen is to expand sales especially in German-speaking Europe, including Austria and Switzerland.  In particular there is room for growth in the market share of planed products.

The sales of planed and sawn timber are enhanced by our own Representatives in the markets where established agent relationships exist.

- In the countries where there is an agent representing Koskisen’s sawn and planed products, the Representative Office focuses on other Koskisen products. France and Portugal can be mentioned as the most significant examples of markets operating through agents. In Portugal there is a new family company called Satradi representing Koskisen’s Timber industry products, clarifies Tamminen.

Versatile knowhow

According to Jukka Tamminen, the most important things for successful sales are a strong knowledge of the product, familiarity with the market area and recognition of the customers’ needs. The representative has to understand production as well, because sometimes matching sales and production  to the product specifications and delivery demands of international customers can be challenging.

Many different items are produced out of a single sawn timber product. If we have sold for example 40 % of U/S spruce to France, we wonder what to do with the remaining grades. The buyers will probably be found in some other market area. Sometimes sales involve a lot of footwork between different markets and products, ponders Tamminen.

There are four salesmen working with Koskisen’s sawn and planed timber products in Järvelä. In the Middle East, China, Japan and The US there are altogether 30 salespersons.  

The market situation seems to be looking brighter as the spring goes on.

- Sawn timber stocks are at a historically low level all over,  so the spring is going to be very busy once building starts to kick off after the harsh winter throughout Europe, believes Tamminen.