Koskisen Group08.11.2016

Presenting: Managing Director Jukka Pahta

Koskisen's head office and log field at Järvelä.
Managing Director of Koskisen, Jukka Pahta.

Managing Director of Koskisen, Jukka Pahta.

Koskisen Group’s net sales and profitability have clearly grown since 2012, when Markku Koskinen, a member of the owner-family, took over as Managing Director. In October 2016, the Board of the Group’s parent company, Koskitukki, appointed Jukka Pahta as the Group’s interim Managing Director. The decision to hire someone from outside was considered to be in the best interest of Group at this stage.

The improvement in the group’s finances in recent years has required tight cost discipline and strong input from personnel to boost the efficiency of operations, and unfortunately we were not immune to unpleasant redundancies. Koskisen is now on an upward course, however, and new jobs have been created in the strongly performing Plywood Industry, among other divisions. Despite a turn for the better, tight cost control will be continued, with the goal of bringing about a clear improvement in the company’s equity position.

“Our financial position has improved gradually year on year. We must nevertheless continuously maintain our competitiveness and renewal capabilities, every day. What we need now is especially space and financial opportunities to invest in both growth and in safeguarding and boosting production. Improving our equity position from the current state plays a big role in creating financing opportunities,” the Chairman of the Board of Koskitukki, Markku Pohjola.

Jukka Pahta joins Koskisen from the consultation and engineering company Pöyry, where he served as CFO. Jukka’s broad experience in the forest industry, where he held a number of positions, particularly in the area of finance, nicely supports Koskisen’s strategy of developing the company and its businesses such that future opportunities can be actively and responsibly seized, while the long-term value of the business is developed.

Jukka has worked both in family companies and publicly listed companies, and the list of his previous employers includes KPMG, Metsä-Serla, Myllykoski and Pöyry.

“It is fair to say that I’ve been in the service of Finnish wood and paper industry companies, or companies with businesses closely related to the industry, for more than the past 20 years of my career. The fundamentals of the industry are in order in Finland: we have world-class raw materials, modern production facilities and the top expertise in the industry. We hold the keys to our own success. By looking after our competitiveness, working together and caring for our customers we are sure to succeed,” stresses Jukka.    

Based on his previous experience, Jukka says he believes that family-run companies have that certain something.

“The atmosphere at Koskisen, the spirit of solidarity and the long-term commitment of the owners, management and employees clearly show in the company’s operations. That is precisely what makes Koskisen Group special, and it is a great resource.”

A permanent Managing Director is expected to be appointed to Koskisen Group by next summer.

“Over the coming weeks and months, the key task for everyone at Koskisen – management and employees alike – will be to ensure that sales, production and wood procurement are running at full capacity. Our gaze is focussed on the future, and we are committed to wood, like always,” says Jukka effortlessly, after only a few weeks with the company.