Koskisen Group23.05.2018

Plywood Sales Manager inspired by change

Maxime Pelikh is taking care of plywood, chipboard and thin plywood sales in France and Italy.

Maxime Pelikh is taking care of plywood, chipboard and thin plywood sales in France and Italy.

Maxime Pelikh is full of enthusiasm. He has just wrapped up his first, very busy and eventful, year at Koskisen as Sales Manager for the plywood markets in France and Italy. “There has been so much to do, I barely noticed that an entire year has gone by,” says Pelikh. He is accustomed to jumping right into the thick of things and was not intimidated by the new challenges. Pelikh’s responsibilities include developing sales in both the French and Italian markets.  

Russian-born Pelikh has lived in France for more than a decade, and he has had ties to the country since he was six years old. In addition to Russian and English, he is also fluent in French. The conscientious Pelikh is also learning Italian, which will come in very handy in the market area he covers. Pelikh not only likes facing new challenges, he is also inspired by continuous change. “That is also something that makes this industry so interesting,” he says. “It’s good not to get too used to the way things are.”  

Pelikh graduated as a wood technology engineer in France. Before joining Koskisen, he worked in sales for a French timber industry company for 12 years. Even back then, he had many Nordic, and especially Finnish, contacts. Pelikh’s first visit to the Järvelä mill was in 2008, but back then, the idea of working for Koskisen was nothing more than a fleeting thought. Ten years after that first encounter, Pelikh says he is working in his dream job. “The people at Koskisen have welcomed me with open arms, and everything has gone without a hitch,” he says, describing the work community as one big family.  

For the coming years at Koskisen, Pelikh hopes especially to see triumphs in the customer-focussed approach, which he considers the starting point for his work. “Customer focus is important for all parties,” Pelikh sums up.

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