Koskisen Group15.04.2010

Our representative in the world

Marcel Doesburg, Key Account Manager at Koskisen Representative Office Benelux.

Marcel Doesburg, Key Account Manager at Koskisen Representative Office Benelux.

For me it all started some nine years ago, when I got into contact with Nico through a mutual acquaintance. After a brief meeting I was hired at Koskisen. I started as Nico’s backup and our idea was to expand our business for the years to come.

Marcel Doesburg, Holland & Belgium

I started out by selling only plywood but, along with the growth, the product range has also become bigger. Nowadays, I take care of sales in the Benelux and South Africa and my product range includes whitewoodredwoodbirch products,construction components and plywood

Our product range is varied and it offers multiple possibilities. That is why we also have great variety in customers: from trailer producers to die makers, from wholesalers to even art designers. Serving different customers makes my job challenging and satisfying. 

The situation in the Benelux is similar to that in the rest of Europe. 2009 was an extremely bad year and nobody can predict how this year is going to turn out. Our customers are still very careful and that can be seen in the sales of our products. Sales in Timber for instance are mainly concluded as spot business. No wholesaler wants to have high stock levels nowadays.

South Africa has been a new sales area for us since last year. The country has a lot of opportunities to offer, but also their financial climate has changed due to the crisis. It is difficult to get access to existing markets with high-quality products in the current situation. The challenge is to find the right partners that are geographically the best located to supply our products, and who have the same drive as we do to sell high-quality products to the whole country.

We have found an enthusiastic partner in the South African Rawstudios for the sale of our standard and decorative plywood products. The co-operation started with some loads for their own production of high-value furniture and design products. Now we are working on a partnership in which they keep stock to supply our products nationwide.
Marcel Doesburg