Koskisen Group15.04.2010

New digital services improve communications

Marketing Manager of Koskisen, Kati Manninen

Marketing Manager of Koskisen, Kati Manninen

The digital magazine World of Wood gathers for the first time all of Koskisen’s products and services between it’s covers. The greatest change has however occurred in Koskisen’s digital communications and this has been completed by the online magazine that has just been published.

World of Wood presents Koskisen’s services, products and customer solutions together with the “deepest essence” of Koskisen, that is the expertise and people behind the products. The idea behind the new magazine is to present to the reader the whole life cycle of wood – from the forest to the finished houses and to the high-end products of the packaging industry.

The digital magazine offers readers more varied stories and pictures on the topics handled.

- By using digital communication modes we can offer current information to our customers, business partners and others who are interested in forest and wood products related issues, says Koskisen's Marketing Manager Kati Manninen.

More efficient interaction

The new World of Wood online magazine can be found atwww.worldofwood.koskisen.com The online magazine offers its readers not only a modern and interesting information channel but also an opportunity to engage in an active dialogue with the company.

- Via the online magazine readers can get quickly and easily acquainted with the news in a certain field. They can search for articles on different topics with certain key words, recommend and share articles with others and influence what the magazine should offer its readers in the future. With the help of this new communications channel we can communicate with our customers even better than before, says Kati Manninen.

In addition to the electronic customer magazine, Koskisen’s customer communication will place more and more emphasis on the electronic newsletters and the different websites of the group, which will be renewed during the year. You can order our electronic newsletter at the  end of the online magazine.

Koskisen’s new website (www.koskisen.com) has received praise for its clarity and topicality. We are going to continue along the same path with the other websites of the group.