Koskisen Group17.01.2011

MultiSite combines seven management systems

The new management system covers all functions at the Group.

The new management system covers all functions at the Group.

The management systems for matters concerning quality, leadership, safety, the environment and the origin of wood will from now on form one, group-led MultiSite management system.

Quality Manager Anna-Maaret Roppolafrom Koskisen Plywood Industry, who was responsible for the administration of the MultiSite project, says the new management system will bring clarity to quality and operational management in many ways.“With just one system, we save time, resources and costs. In future, instead of auditing all units separately, external audits can be carried out at the group-level, by each production and operational process, significantly boosting operational efficiency. It will also make steering and maintaining the various activities easier. Separate guidelines will in future only be drawn up for certain exceptional situations,” Roppola says

Towards group-led management

In order for Koskisen to be granted the MultiSite certificate, Koskinen’s Hirvensalmi office and the Koskitukki wood procurement unit must also pass the OHSAS 18001 health and safety certification. The assessments lasted two days for both units and were carried out in a good spirit. Once the minor non-conformities found in the audit are rectified, Koskisen will be awarded the MultiSite certificate.According to Anna-Maaret Roppola, MultiSite will help Koskisen to switch from a unit-based way of thinking to a broader, group-level, transparent management.“For instance, the management system performance audit will in future only be carried out once, by the Group’s executive board. The board will also determine the focal areas of audits and seek external opinions on those areas of our operations where we have room for improvement. The objective is not to do things related to management systems in a new way, but to bring forth and strengthen our existing success factors.”