Koskisen Group15.07.2016

Koskisen’s wood products awarded Key Flag Symbol

Koskisen’s wood products awarded Key Flag Symbol

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded Koskisen Oy, a Finnish wood industry family company that goes back more than a century, the Key Flag Symbol as proof of the Finnish origins of the company’s products. The Key Flag Symbol was granted to all of Koskisen’s wood products, such as sawn goods and their processed products, plywood and veneer products and chipboards.

Over the decades, Koskisen has grown into an international specialist in wood products and processing that is committed to wood. Koskisen employs more than 1,000 people and, last year, its net sales came to EUR 247 million.

The Finnish Key Flag Symbol can be awarded to a product that is manufactured in Finland and whose Finnish costs make up at least 50 per cent of the absorption cost. Koskisen Oy’s wood products easily exceed this criterion.

Markku Lähteenmäki, head of Koskisen’s Chipboard Industry, points out that the Key Flag Symbol is also strong proof of Finnish quality.

“The Key Flag Symbol is relatively well known around the world and I believe that it is also valued abroad,” says Lähteenmäki.

Reetta Mentu, Marketing Manager at the Association for Finnish Work, is delighted that Koskisen, with its strong Finnish heritage and focus on expertise, has become a bearer of the Key Flag Symbol and a member of the association that promotes the valuing of work.

“It’s also great to notice that one our key themes Meaningful Work has been selected as one of Koskisen Group’s core responsibility targets,” Mentu says.

“For consumers and customers, the Key Flag Symbol has positive connotations such as Finnishness, reliability, responsibility and the creation of jobs. The Key Flag Symbol allows companies to send the message that their products are made in Finland and communicate their values to their stakeholders,” says Mentu.