Koskisen Group23.05.2011

Koskisen’s finances strengthen

Tarja Järvinen, Koskisen's CFO

Tarja Järvinen, Koskisen's CFO

According to CFO Tarja Järvinen, Koskisen’s post-recession financial result this year will be positive.

Tarja Järvinen explains that in the light of the figures, Koskisen is on the right track.

- In 2008 we, along with many other companies, hit a low, but owing to the measures to improve the financial situation in the past couple of years, the Group’s result is now going to be positive.

According to Järvinen, the proven long-term efforts will be continued. Organisational changes are coming to an end, and those changes together with the savings measures are bearing fruit. Nevertheless, in this tight competitive situation we cannot let our guard down for a moment.

Järvinen believes that Koskisen’s dedicated personnel are the key to family company’s future and financial success.

- We must achieve the targeted financial growth by 2015 in a profitable way. Right now the target seems realistic, as the global markets are recovering and our order backlog is growing and is at a good level, Järvinen concludes.