Koskisen Group02.02.2017

Koskisen’s customer satisfaction 2016

Logs on Koskisen's log field are refined as plywood and sawn timber.

In December 2016, we asked our customers what they think of us. We received feedback, with 31% of our customers responding to the survey. The feedback included praise for good customer service and high-quality products, among other things, but also some improvement suggestions. Our NPS (Net Promoter Score), which measures customer loyalty, grew by ten units from two years ago to 47.

Koskisen Group’s product selection is broad; we supply customers with plywood, sawn goods, chipboard and birch products and we have a strong background in wood construction. More than half of the respondents gave us an NPS of 9–10 (on a scale of 0–10). We received especially good feedback from our customers for our deep understanding and swift and professional service; many of our salespersons were even singled out for praise. The comments also included thanks for a trust-based relationship and high-quality products tailored to suit the customer.

Our customers pointed out a need for improvement in delivery times and how they are reported. In a rapidly changing world, products, delivery times and services must be developed continuously in order to keep customers happy. The ever-accelerating need to improve the coatings and patterns of panel products was also one of the customer demands that was raised.

I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback. It matters. Our salespeople will review the feedback thoroughly; we wish to understand our customers and their business better than ever and play a role in furthering their success. 

We raffled a Nordic Hysteria Kieppi table lamp among all the respondents. The Finnish design lamp went to Timo Korhonen from Novart Oy, which manufactures kitchen furnishings in Sothern Finland. Congratulations to the winner!  

Minna Luomalahti
Marketing Manager