Koskisen Group15.09.2010

Koskisen warms up with green energy

Koskisen own energy production facility is located very central, behind plywood factory.

Koskisen own energy production facility is located very central, behind plywood factory.

In 2009, ninety-four percent of Koskisen Oy’s own heat production was generated by biofuel. Thanks to investments made in the 2000s, the share of biofuel was increased by as much as 20 percent. Biofuels have replaced the use of fuel oil.

The considerable investments Koskisen has made in recent years in energy production and to reduce emissions have had a major impact on the company’s overall emissions: particulates from the company’s power plants are, according to the most recent measurements, 86% lower than the reference values allowed in the environmental permit, and annual particulate emissions have plummeted from 87 metric tons to 8 tons. Investments in the 2000s have also reduced annual sulphur dioxide emissions from 102 metric tons to 17 tons.

“Our work on environmental matters is ongoing. We are currently working on, for example, issues related to the cleaning and sewage of the Hirvensalmi unit’s soaking waters, and we are planning a way to redirect the storm waters in the Järvelä timber yard away from the groundwater area,” says Markku Lähteenmäki, Koskisen’s Deputy Managing Director.

Investments for a healthy environment

The steam-pipe investment project in the particle board mill carried out in 2007–08, in which steam from the bio-power plant is used in heating the particle board mill’s presses, allows a further reduction in the proportion of oil used for the production of thermal energy.

By investing in bio-power plants, flue-gas cleaning technology and flue-gas cleaning equipment for chip drying, the particulate and sulphur dioxide emissions and the carbon dioxide emissions stemming from fossil fuels have decreased significantly.
Most of the production by-products are used by Koskisen mills. The by-products from the sawmill and plywood industry are used as a wood raw material by the Chipboard industry.

“All of the raw materials used during the production processes end up in the product, with the exception of grinding dust, which is used at the start of the process, mostly as the sole source of drying energy,” explains Matti Yli-Savola, Director,Chipboard industry

Koskisen operations are certified

Since 1995 Koskisen Oy has been following the ISO 9002 quality management system, which is now certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. Similar to the security system, the environmental management system is an integrated part of Koskisen’s operations. Environmental issues are improved upon constantly. The goal is for the company’s operations and products to meet the official targets that have been set by a healthy margin and that measures to abate climate change are taken in the company.

In 1997 Koskisen became the first mechanical forest industry company in Finland to be granted a certificate according to the ISO 14001 for its environmental management system.