Koskisen Group16.11.2016

Koskisen signs national Energy Efficiency Agreement

The power plant of Koskisen's plywood mill and log field.

Energy efficiency in Finland is promoted through voluntary energy-efficiency agreements. The agreements have already been signed by 156 companies and 16 municipalities/joint municipalities. Koskisen Oy has also signed a voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreement, according to which we commit to increasing our energy efficiency by 7.5 per cent from the current level by 2025.

The heat recovery system of the plywood mill’s dryer is connected to the mill’s ventilation system.

The heat recovery system of the plywood mill’s dryer is connected to the mill’s ventilation system.

On the 14th of October 2016, Koskisen signed the Energy Efficiency Agreement for 2017–2025. One of the most important goals of the agreement system is to support the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies and services.

“For us, that could mean switching to led lighting, more efficient heat recovery or using solar energy. The signatories to the agreements can also apply for investment subsidies for these projects,” says Juha Jalkanen, Koskisen’s Director in charge of energy matters.

“Initiatives and ideas related to saving energy are just as welcome as those related to boosting production and safety,” says Jalkanen, encouraging personnel to take action.

Conveyor and pipes at Koskisen's plywood mill.

Motiva Services performed an energy audit in line with the Finnish Energy Efficiency Act at Koskisen in 2015. The audit identified, among other things, development opportunities in heat recovery which can potentially be made use of during the new Energy Efficiency Agreement period beginning in 2017. 

Improving energy efficiency is a continuous process that takes the commitment of the entire personnel. It is good to note that energy consumption is being reduced in different sectors through these agreements, voluntarily and without the need for new legislation. With the help of national energy efficiency agreements, we are all part of creating a climate-friendly future.