Koskisen Group02.06.2015

Koskisen hires 70 summer workers

HR Manager of Koskisen, Tarja Turunen

HR Manager of Koskisen, Tarja Turunen

Koskisen’s production plants are bustling with activity in the summertime, with a total of 35 summer workers and 35 fire watchmen hired to work in various units for the summer months. The highest number of summer workers and fire watchmen are hired for the production plants’ downtime, which begins in early July and is staggered until mid-August.

“We strive to hire young summer workers that are studying the field. Summer employees in the Houses division, for example, are mostly young people studying construction. Less experience is required for the position of fire watchman; the candidates must be at least 15 years old,” says Koskisen’s HR Manager Tarja Turunen.

Summer employees are mainly hired through Koskisen’s website. In addition, the HR department went to five different recruitment fairs in nearby communities in the winter to present information about Koskisen and its summer jobs. A total of 150 summer job applications were sent in, many of which by young people who had worked at Koskisen last summer and were rehired this year.

Tulityökoulutusta Koskisella

So what kind of work do Koskisen’s summer employees do?

“The main jobs offered are those in production in various units, such as in the Houses and Plywood divisions. Fire watchmen jobs are also available; they include, as the name implies, being a fire guard during downtime, as well as doing cleaning work. There are usually not so many white-collar jobs available, but at least in the plywood office summer workers have traditionally trained as export assistants,” says Turunen, expanding on the summer job selection at Koskisen.

Since summer workers are usually young and embarking on their first summer job experience, thorough induction is a big focus. Before the actual work begins, every summer employee attends ‘Welcome to Koskisen’ training, which provides information about Koskisen Oy and about general rules and safety. In addition, the fire watchmen attend hot work training under the guidance of the safety manager.

“The safety of all employees, especially young people and those just learning about working life, is of utmost importance to Koskisen. We carefully train our summer employees in how things work here. Everyone also receives more thorough training in their job in their own work unit,” says Turunen.

All of this year’s summer positions have been filled, but next year young people will once again have the opportunity to apply for work at Koskisen.

“This year, recruitment was at its peak in March and April. Although it somewhat depends on the year, it never hurts to take action well in advance. In April, it’s a good idea to check Koskisen’s website to see if there are any openings,” Turunen recommends.