Koskisen Group23.05.2011

“Koskisen is the best partner”

Esther Wyrsch, a director of supply chain of Sperrag, Nico de Veer (left) and Ralf Haverkamp from Koskisen Benelux-Germany Representative Office.

Esther Wyrsch, a director of supply chain of Sperrag, Nico de Veer (left) and Ralf Haverkamp from Koskisen Benelux-Germany Representative Office.

Koskisen and the company Sperrag’s partnership serves both companies in the best possible way.

Sperrag, a family-owned Swiss company in the third generation, was founded 1934. The company’s main business involves importing plywood from around the world for Swiss wood dealers.

- We also offer our clients cut-to-size products. We do a lot of cutting ourselves at our cutting center, and we have very good partners in this. We have a branch called ‘Inopan’, which offers ready-made products, such as floors, for small vans,” saysEsther Wyrsch, a director of supply chain of Sperrag.

Looking to the future

According to Esther, Sperrag has a 35% market share in birch plywood and a total market share in plywood of around 25%. She says the future looks bright:

- After a difficult 2009, 2010 was much better and the signs for 2011 are even better. It is important to keep being innovative as our market is saturated and no more growth is expected.

The partnership between Koskisen and Sperrag started out two years ago in theInterzum fair. At the moment, Sperrag is a dealer of KoskiDecorKoskiDecor EcoTransparent, KoskiCaratKoskiCrown and KoskiFutura.

- Koskisen is a smaller plywood producer, and also very innovative and flexible, and that is exactly what Sperrag needs. Switzerland is a small market compared with other countries. Inquiries are special and volumes are not that big. Nowadays, business is very tough for standard plywood, and the margins are very small. It is therefore imperative for us to have a good partner who understands our needs and can also make special products. In that segment, Koskisen is the best partner and we are happy to have started business relations with them, Esther says.

“Well-known specialist”

Ralf Haverkamp, Sales Manager for Koskisen in Central Europe, says that Sperrag is very well known as a plywood specialist in technical plywood in Switzerland.

- We had our first contact at the Interzum fair in 2009 and I explained to them that we are interested in collaboration, particularly with our decorative products like Koskidecor and KoskiDecor Eco transparent. At the time, Sperrag was also looking for new products, so we agreed on a meeting together in Switzerland, Ralf recalls.

Besides Koskisen’s product KoskiDecor with coloured phenolic film, Ralf’s main goal was to introduce to Sperrag Koskisen’s new product Koskidecor Eco Transparent, which is available in many different colours.

“Nowadays, in principle, it can be supplied in all RAL colours and also in mint green, a colour idea from Sperrag which was a bit shocking for me at first. Mint green actually looks amazing on our high class S-birch veneers, where you can see the nice wood grain well under the paint.”

To support Sperrag’s marketing operations, Koskisen made about 11,000 small samples in sizes DIN A 5 and DIN A 6 in May 2010.

- Special thanks also to Mika Silvennoinen, who made all the samples for the customer,” says Ralf, extending his greetings to Finland.

Sperrag also offers cut-to-size products.

Sperrag also offers cut-to-size products.