Koskisen Group17.01.2011

Koskisen in 2015 – a customer-oriented forerunner

Pekka Päkkilä, Managing Director of Koskisen Group.

Pekka Päkkilä, Managing Director of Koskisen Group.

Although the last few years have not treated Koskisen any kinder than other companies in the wood industry, Managing Director Pekka Päkkilä has strong faith in the company’s future.

"Koskisen aims to be more successful than ever before by the year 2015. Owing to the co-determination negotiations which ended at the turn of the year, the company’s structure and foundation are now strong and healthy. It is something we can build on when launching our new strategy of profitable growth.”

Focus on the customer

Koskisen’s strategy, which extends to 2015, focuses on customers and on getting to know their wishes and needs better than before. The will to invest in strategic key customers and customer groups and in the services and products aimed at them calls for changes in the Group companies’ internal operating methods. Pekka Päkkilähas general instructions for this:

“The changing operating environment and markets necessitate renewal. There is still plenty of unutilised potential in our agile way of operating and internal synergies. We will focus our resources on key business areas – the ones where we excel,” Päkkilä says, listing wood and professional construction, the joinery industry, the transport vehicles industry and special products as examples.

One year at a time

As proof of the company’s new operating culture, the Group’s budget is based – for the first time in history – on the budgets and forecasts from the sales offices. 
“If you take care of your customers and employees in a sustainable way, profitability and growth will inevitably follow,” Päkkilä states.

Nevertheless, reaching the target of EUR 300 million net sales in 2015 requires hard work. Päkkilä steers Koskisen determinedly towards the target one step at a time, and says the current year is a year of change for the entire company.

“Commitment to wood is the core of our operations. It forms the foundation on which we are building a stronger and more successful company for the benefit of our customers and employees.”