Koskisen Group17.01.2011

KoskiAuts! resulted in major increase in hazard reports

KoskiAuts! -safety campaign.

KoskiAuts! -safety campaign.

The KoskiAuts! campaign launched last autumn aimed to increase the number of hazard reports and in this way reduce the number of occupational accidents. The campaign was more successful than we ever imagined.

Occupational safety delegate Jarkko Niemi, who was in charge of the KoskiAuts! safety campaign, says the campaign was inspired by DNV’s audit in May.

“In DNV’s view the number of near-miss reports was far too low compared to the number of accidents. There should be at least 600 near-miss reports for every 10 minor accidents, but we annually recorded no more than five reports,” Niemi explains.

Strong commitment by management

Koskisen’s management announced its strong support for the campaign already during the planning stage.

“We decided to launch the campaign throughout the Group, which was welcomed by management. Managing Director Pekka Päkkilä took on the campaign as its leader. We nominated a campaign owner in each unit, and were granted a considerable award by the company as incentive for the campaign. As a quick incentive, the campaign owners granted a coffee and pastry voucher to everyone who submitted a hazard report.”

The campaign ran from 15 September until the end of the year, and the number of oral and written near-miss reports totalled 180 during that time! During the campaign, serious accidents occurred only at the plywood mill, which largely involves manual labour.

Each report counts

“Each report submitted helps eliminate and reduce risks and accidents. It is nice to see that even though the campaign is officially over, reports keep coming in,” says Niemi.
He says the campaign included a lot of active internal marketing and communication, and required a major effort by many.

“Although the campaign has ended, one thing is for sure: safety efforts will not end here. Planning is still on-going, but KoskiAuts! will be continued,” Niemi promises.