Koskisen Group15.04.2010

Investment in the planing line increases the choice of sawn goods

Sorting line of the planed products

Sorting line of the planed products

How about half a pack of external cladding boards tongued and grooved all round? The state of the art planing and line introduced at Koskisen timber industry a year ago makes even small pack sizes easy to produce.

Planned for a long time and finally introduced a little over a year ago, The investment in the planing line has its biggest effect directly on the end user: according to Timber Industry Product Manager Timo Piispanen it gives our products a  superior surface quality.

Piispanen says that the first year has been spent learning the ways of the new machinery even though they have planed with the Waco Hydromat 5000 in three shifts for a while.

- There is still room for improvement in optimisation of the line’s usage. However, we can already say that the new plane has been worth the money we spent on it.

Efficiency improved

The new machinery can be divided into two sections: The new planing line, including a double band saw and planing machine, and the  packaging department with its line equipment. When required each part can be operated seperately: it’s possible to plane, split and pack different products all at the same time.

At full speed 400 metres of sawn timber flashes through the plane, which responds well to modern demands for efficiency. In the packaging department the products can be tongued and grooved, bundled, shrink wrapped and marked with a label if required. Also cutting to special lengths can be done - to an accuracy of one millimetre.  

Smaller pack sizes such as quarter and half packages can also be easily produced with the new line.

- The investment in the planning line has considerably diversified and optimised our production. In the past transporting goods between the three old planes was a time-consuming process. Now all the operations happen efficiently in one place, near the raw material flow.

- With the new plane we have been able to prepare for the summer shutdown by building up stocks. We can serve our domestic customers quickly if necessary and deliver standard products from from stock to the customer the next day, clarifies Piispanen.

Extensive product range

The product range of Koskisen Timber industry consists of interior products, exterior cladding, construction timber, strength-graded and planed products. Finland is the biggest market area with a share of 30 percent. Amongst other significant market areas are Central Europe, Japan and Australia.

- Our greatest challenge in the export sales of processed products is unification of the product range and keeping it under control. At the moment about 100 different planed products are produced, in an ideal situation the product range would be half of that, ponders Timo Piispanen.

According to Piispanen the range of planed products will in the future be developed with our customers to meet the demands of each market. The development of the product range has already been started together with the new member of our German Representative Office, Jörg Peters.

- Our target is to provide versatile and good customer service as in Finland. We have progressed this In Poland and based on our experiences there we are on the right path, concludes Piispanen.