Koskisen Group04.05.2015

Introducing the revamped World of Wood

Marketing manager of Koskisen, Minna Luomalahti

Marketing manager of Koskisen, Minna Luomalahti

The Koskisen Group’s web magazine World of Wood has been revamped. With a fresh new look and simpler navigation, readers will find it easier to locate the articles that interest them.

World of Wood contains all the latest news about the Koskisen Group (Koskisen Oy, Koskitukki Oy and Herrala) – from the forest to the finished product. From now on, we will publish weekly features about the diverse uses of wood and the secrets of forest management, and we will shine the spotlight on our customers and mills. We will be sending our readers a collection of new articles and features by email every few weeks.

World of Wood has been published as a web magazine since 2010. You can find previously published articles conveniently in our archives, searching either by topic or category. Using the search field at the top of the page, you can find articles directly using keywords.

The web magazine is a great way to make the latest news readily and continuously available to our customers and stakeholders. We welcome your feedback and story suggestions. Write to us using the contact fields at the bottom of this page.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!

Minna Luomalahti
Chief Editor