Koskisen Group17.01.2011

Guarantee protects Plywood’s customers

Anna-Maaret Roppola, Quality Manager at Koskisen plywood industry.

Anna-Maaret Roppola, Quality Manager at Koskisen plywood industry.

Koskisen Plywood’s customers can sleep easy. A commercial guarantee ensures that a product purchased from Koskisen will meet the customer’s requirements up to 2–5 years from the date of purchase.

“Granting a commercial guarantee means that if the customer makes a complaint about the product, Koskisen has an obligation to prove that the product was properly manufactured. This can be accomplished by retrieving all the required information regarding the production lot from the ERP system,” saysKoskisen Plywood Industry's Quality Manager Anna-Maaret Roppola.

Ten years of history

The database contains the manufacturing information on an individual product going at least 10 years back. Anna-Maaret Roppola says that in the case of feedback from a customer concerning the end product, it is possible to find out whether there was something out of the ordinary in the production, transportation and storage of a single production lot. So far, guarantees have been granted for certain products to customers in the construction and transport vehicle industries under separate agreement.

“From our point of view, the added value comes from thinking about the product from the end user’s, i.e. typically from our customer’s, perspective. This means that we can get deeper into the end uses of our products and their requirements. The guarantee granted to a product is naturally also one of our greatest competitive assets.”

By the book

According to Roppola, the plywood grades used by the construction andtransportation equipment industries entail the greatest risk for Koskisen.

“For example, it is important that panels manufactured for the construction industry, where the main requirement is high strength, are also transported and stored exactly according to the instructions given. In most cases, customer feedback stems from incidents that occur after the product has left our mill. In such cases, all we can do is provide as good instructions as possible to our customers.”